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COVID19 Operational Task Force Update - 24 June 2020

Dear DePauw Faculty and Staff, 

I’d like to provide an update on some of the ongoing work of the COVID-19 Operational Task Force over the last two weeks. While the below does not encompass all of the Task Force’s work, I will continue to provide updates such as these to provide actionable and important information, so please be on the lookout for regular emails regarding milestones in our work. 

  1. Health and Safety: The University will be providing three reusable cloth masks to each employee and student. This information is also being shared in an email to students this week. More information is forthcoming regarding distribution of masks for employees. 

  2. COVID-19 Education: All employees will be asked to complete a series of online educational items through Safe Colleges by July 6, 2020. Please watch your email for a message in the coming week with details on how to complete this module.

  3. Events: An update to this section of the Health Practice Recommendations and Requirements has been approved and can be found online here for those who regularly host campus events. Should you have questions please contact Steven Linville as the convener of the events pod. 

  4. Academic Planning: We are now tentatively anticipating that about 26% of our courses will be offered remotely only, about 29% will be open only to on-campus learners unless there are special exceptions, and about 31% will be mixed (open to both on-campus and off-campus learners). The Academic Planning Pod is also determining enrollment limitations for a variety of alternative teaching spaces. Lastly, we are asking students to commit their plans for fall term via a form due July 8 which became live today. This will give us information regarding how many students to plan for on campus during the fall term. 

I want to thank all of the staff and faculty who have been instrumental in bringing us this far so quickly in our planning process. Their work has been incredibly thoughtful and thorough and I am confident that they will continue to provide us with the best possible plans for keeping our community healthy. 


Julia Sutherlin Proctor 

Julia Sutherlin Proctor
Chair, COVID-19 Task Force and
Assistant Dean of Campus Life