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Dec. 7 Move In Information, Testing Details for Spring

Dear DePauw Students, 

In preparation for spring term, I write to share several reminders and high-level items for you all as a result of COVID-19 and Student Academic Life planning. While I know this is not an ideal week to receive detailed information and you are finding yourselves preparing for finals and papers, I felt it important to provide this update. We are certainly excited to start a term anew with many of you on campus, though I recognize your need for a nice long break. 

Health Reminders for Dec-Jan

It is highly likely you are all dealing with high levels of COVID-19 spread in your local communities. I urge you to carry your Tigers Take Care spirit through the next several months. Mask up, keep your distance, and stay out of large gatherings. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 while you are away from campus, we ask that your test results be sent to c19testing@depauw.edu. We need this information to help us mitigate risk for the spring term, including implementation or changes of current planned testing protocols.

Flu Vaccine 

Residents and commuters will receive an email on or around December 15 with instructions on how to submit information regarding your required flu vaccine for spring 2021. The deadline for submissions is January 1. 

Housing Assignments

Later today, each of you will receive an email from Housing and Residence Life outlining housing assignments, University-owned housing contract information, and spring term reminders. Our Housing and Residence Life staff have been pouring their time and attention into meeting as many student requests as possible, so please take care to read the details of their communication. They stand at the ready to receive questions. Questions related to privately-owned Greek housing and contracts should be directed to your chapter leadership.

Campus Move-In Schedule 

In an effort to avoid interference with course meetings and make the return to campus COVID-19 testing process easier for each of you, we have devised the following schedule for student move-in. All dates are set to Sundays, with the exception of international arrivals and new and first year transfers. Student-athletes will have move-in dates communicated by their individual coaches. 

  • Jan 3: Students who have remained on campus

  • Jan 26-28: Students arriving from international locations 

  • Jan 30: New first-year and transfer students

  • Feb 14: All juniors and seniors. Also, any sophomores living in privately-owned chapter facilities not already on campus (to simplify planning required of chapter facilities)  

  • Feb 21: Any remaining first year and sophomore students not already on campus

As a reminder, all courses begin remotely for the first four weeks of the term from February 2 through March 1. 

Required COVID-19 Testing 

All students who will be residents or commuters will be required to complete the return-to-campus testing protocols. For those of you on campus in the fall, this process will be similar to what we required in August, which includes two tests, one prior to arrival and one after. More information will be forthcoming about how to complete an at-home PCR test prior to your arrival. 

I hope that this email provides a small amount of peace of mind as you head into the last stretch of your fall term. My team and others will continue to work diligently toward answers for questions I am sure are top of mind and provide additional information as we are able. Do not hesitate to contact us at studentacademiclife@depauw.edu



Alan P. Hill
Vice President for Student Academic Life and Dean of Students