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***The following email was sent to spring commuter and resident students only.*** 

Dear Tigers -  

We are excited to welcome you to campus!  Below (and attached) is very important information about your return to campus, specifically related to the influenza vaccination and our return to campus health protocol.  I ask you to please read this email thoroughly, and print the attachment.  There are lots of details but my hope is that this information will guide you to a successful and on-time return to campus.  Your entire DePauw family is here to help and support you.

The University does not want our COVID-19 testing protocol to be a barrier to you in any way. DePauw will pay for testing, both before you arrive on campus and after; if you incur a cost for testing prior to your arrival, we will work with you to credit your student account.

In the two weeks prior to your campus return and during your travel to campus, we urge you to practice behaviors that will lower the risk of viral transmission: 

  • limit your interactions to as small a group as possible for this short time, 
  • practice physical distancing by maintaining 6 feet between you and people outside of this trusted circle, 
  • wear a mask when you have to be around others, 
  • stay away from high risk situations like large gatherings, 
  • wash or sanitize your hands frequently, 
  • stay away from individuals who have tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

If you are under 18, you will need parental/guardian consent for on-campus COVID-19 testing.  Please contact me directly at c19testing@depauw.edu so we can create a plan for your individual situation.

Attached is a memo filled with important information ... and in an attempt to help you navigate this, I have 'boxed in' action items for you. Essentially you will need to: 

  • Disclose if you are getting your own COVID-19 test, if you need DePauw to send you a test, or if you have COVID-19 positive test results within 3 months of campus arrival (due by Monday, January 11, 4pm ET).  Return to Campus Test #1 - Pre-Arrival Google form.
  • Register/update your address in the Affinity portal (before you arrive on campus and no later than February 1).
  • Send DePauw the results of your COVID-19 test,  if you get your test on your own (no later than two days prior to your arrival date OR provide a copy of the test results at the time of check-in).  COVID-19 PCR Test Results - Pre-Arrival Google form.
  • Provide proof of an influenza vaccination (no later than two days prior to your arrival date or January 1, 2021, whichever is later).  Influenza Verification - Pre-Arrival Google form. 

Reminder: Campus Move-In Schedule 

As a reminder, we have set a very specific move-in schedule to avoid interference with course meetings and make the return to campus COVID-19 testing process easier for each of you. All dates are set to Sundays, with the exception of international arrivals and newly enrolled first-year and transfer students. Student-athletes will have move-in dates communicated by their individual coaches. 

  • Jan 3: Students who have remained on campus through Winter Break
  • Jan 26-28: Students arriving from international locations 
  • Jan 30: Newly enrolled first-year and transfer students who will participate in New Student Orientation
  • Feb 14: All juniors and seniors. Also, any sophomores living in privately-owned chapter facilities not already on campus (to simplify planning required of chapter facilities)  
  • Feb 21: Any remaining first-year and sophomore students not already on campus 
Reminder:  ID Cards
DePauw ID card is needed for meal plans and accessing living units and other campus buildings.

If you submit your request at least one week before you are scheduled to arrive on campus, the ID card will be available when you check in to campus. Otherwise, you must schedule an appointment to visit the HelpDesk. Please contact idcard@depauw.edu with any questions.  
  • Students arriving on campus for the first time who have not previously submitted a photo for their ID card need to upload a photo through GET as soon as possible. 
  • Students who have lost their ID card need to request a replacement by submitting the DePauw ID Card Request as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me via email (c19testing@depauw.edu).  Please note the new email address.

Much Tiger Pride to you! 



COVID-19 Response Team, Testing
Stevie Baker-Watson, Health and Safety Pod, COVID-19 Task Force
Associate Vice President for Campus Wellness