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Dear DePauw Faculty and Staff, 

With approval from Dr. White and her Cabinet, we are writing with two important updates from the COVID19 Task Force to share with you before we go into the extended holiday weekend. 

Delaying the phased return to work plan

Based on Governor Holbcomb’s announcement yesterday that the State of Indiana would not be entering Stage 5 on July 4th as originally planned, we are delaying the start of our phased return to work plan until July 20th. Originally we had targeted the start of our phased plan on July 6th as the State would have entered Stage 5 on July 4th. To be consistent, we are making this pivot in our campus plan to delay the phased return to work process until July 20th.

This allows for more time for supervisors to prepare their plans, for building authorities to create playbooks for shared public spaces in each building and for all employees to complete the required COVID19 education in Safe Colleges (instructions to come from HR on Monday, July 6 about accessing courses). Supervisors will receive information from the Implementation Team about updating their playbooks. 

Vice Presidents will continue to have the discretion to approve on-campus work prior to July 20th that is necessary for business continuity. As noted in previous messages, some employees returned to campus-based work earlier this summer in order to prepare our spaces on campus and for business continuity needs.

Universal mask policy reminder

As a reminder, effective June 22, 2020, DePauw University requires medical masks, cloth face coverings or non-medical masks inside University owned and operated spaces. Employees are required to wear cloth face coverings or non-medical masks, except when in their own private work areas with no one else present. Students are required to wear cloth face coverings or non-medical masks, except when they are in their own private room.

Plans are being developed for distribution of three cloth masks for each employee once they have been delivered to campus. We will begin distributing masks to employees on July 20 and will send information about that process the week of July 13. 

The entire COVID19 Operational Task Force is grateful for the cooperation of our community in our planning process and the patience and understanding when our plans need to be adapted due to emerging information. 

As always, please contact us by email at covid19@depauw.edu with any questions. 


Jana Grimes
Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Julia Sutherlin Proctor
Associate Dean of Students and Chair, COVID19 Task Force