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Starting August 2021, limitations on indoor and outdoor event sizes and locations will be removed, and we will resume with the regular event policies in place prior to the pandemic, including the hosting of non-university events and removal of COVID safety plan requirements and attendance tracking. 

The Event and Gathering guidelines promote inclusion knowing that health, safety and the student experience for all students have been prioritized. For the purpose of these guidelines, an event or gathering includes any activity that invites people together, with the exception of academic classes, closed review sessions hosted by faculty, gatherings to study, closed employee meetings and athletics practices and competition. The event sponsor is the person responsible for organizing the event and ensuring adherence of the following guidelines. For details about meetings, see the section on Office Expectations.

All policies are subject to change based on the nature of the pandemic, state or local guidelines, or cases on campus.

Informal Indoor gatherings

Indoor informal gatherings, whether involving students or employees, are required to maintain a limit of 10 people or fewer, and may not exceed the stated room limits.

Informal Outdoor gatherings: effective April 16

Outdoor informal gatherings, whether involving students or employees, are required to maintain a limit of 50 people or fewer. DePauw’s masking and social distancing requirements are still applicable.

University-Sponsored and Student Organization Sponsored Events

All University-sponsored and student-organization sponsored indoor and outdoor events have a limit of 10 people, unless noted below. Current state and federal guidelines will continue to be followed and may supersede the following.  

  • INDOOR EVENTS: In-person indoor events are permissible in designated areas of non-residential buildings and must follow the specific Spring 2021 capacity, room and seating configurations. Guests are not permitted at indoor University events without prior approval via the COVID-19 Task Force Events Pod. The event sponsor for any in-person event must submit a Safety Plan via Campus Labs. Per the Community Masking Policy, masks are required at all indoor events.
  • OUTDOOR EVENTS: An event sponsor must register their event through Campus Labs, submitting a Safety Plan, if an event is sponsored by a student organization OR more than 50 people will be in attendance OR the event requires the reservation of a University space.
    Greek organizations register events through Campus Labs and will be reviewed for COVID-19 safety protocols by Fraternity and Sorority Life. Student organizations register events through Campus Labs and safety plans will be reviewed for COVID-19 safety protocols by Campus Activities. Any student organization or Greek organization needing to reserve a space will work with Angie Battin at abattin@depauw.edu on space reservation and setup through e-services. Event sponsors should account for 36 sq. ft. per person at an outdoor event.  Off-Campus Guests are only permitted at outdoor events, managed by a University employee, after receiving approval from the COVID-19 Task Force Events Pod. Masks are required at all outdoor events unless specific alternate precautions are included in the Safety Plan and those precautions are approved via the COVID-19 Task Force Events Pod.
  • ALL EVENTS: Events sponsored and monitored by University staff may be given approval for different activities than events and programs sponsored by student groups.
    • All food and drink provided at events must be pre-packaged and single serve only OR may be provided with an attendant-served buffet (no self-serve buffet or shared items eg. pizza). Please note that mask usage may prohibit the inclusion of food and drink at an event.
    • Food truck events with “grab and go” meals do not need to be submitted as an event on e-Services, but do require submission of a Safety Plan on Campus Labs and should follow all Health and Safety guidelines. Sponsors should work with Angie Battin at abattin@depauw.edu to reserve road space for the food truck.
    • If feasible, event sponsors should find ways to offer these events virtually, in addition to in-person, for those who want to attend remotely. There is no limit on remote attendees.
    • Gathering sizes will be adjusted if our evaluation of COVID-19 on campus indicates that this will be a reasonable choice.
    • All other University policies must be upheld in the execution of the event.


(Updated 4.16.2021)

At this time, off-campus university-sponsored events are permitted only with approval of the Health and Event Pods, and with university faculty/staff supervision at the event at a ratio of 1 employee for every 25 students.


DePauw may host events operated by an external organization on a limited basis, only with express permission of the President’s Office, the Office of Admission or Development and Alumni Engagement.


Virtual events may be planned without submitting a Safety Plan, however a virtual event space must be booked through e-Services. Virtual events should be shared via Campus Labs to help with marketing, RSVPs, and attendance tracking.


For intercollegiate athletics practices and competition, the NCAA has developed Core Principles of Resocialization of Collegiate Sport to be used as a foundation for more specific guidance from the NCAC. The NCAC has established a Health and Safety Subcommittee which will define what is recommended and required, from a health and safety perspective, for athletics to occur within the guidelines set by campus, local, state and federal medical and public health authorities. Given the fluid nature of the pandemic, the NCAA has stated that each campus should consider its athletics planning in relation to the spectrum of academic and campus programming, to allow for flexibility in the event that a return to more restrictive measures is required. At DePauw, the Health and Safety Pod of the COVID-19 task force provides specific guidance to the full COVID-19 task force which in turn makes recommendations for review by President White.

Beginning February 26, a limited number of DePauw students will be allowed at indoor home athletics contests.  Students will be required to secure a ticket prior to the event, and maintain DePauw's masking and distancing standards throughout the event.  There will be no concessions or outside food or drink allowed; in addition, no tailgating is allowed.

Beginning March 5, a limited number of DePauw students, DePauw employees and family members of DePauw student-athletes who are competing will be allowed at outdoor home athletics contests.  Students, employees and family members will be required to secure a ticket prior to the event, and maintain DePauw's masking and distancing standards throughout the event.  There will be no concessions and no tailgating allowed.   

More specific information on DePauw’s plan for intercollegiate athletics can be found at https://www.depauw.edu/coronavirus/fall2020health/athleticsparticipation/.

More specific information on DePauw’s spectator policy can be found at www.depauwtigers.com.

Informal Activities with University Employees 

Informal activities with university employees, such as a trip to Marvin’s with students, do not need to be entered as an event and do not require submission of a Safety Plan. However, employees should limit these informal activities to a total of 10 people or fewer. All Health and Safety guidelines must be followed, and employees should keep attendance at these informal activities for the purposes of contact tracing should the need arise.

Safety Plan Submissions for In-Person Events 

Safety Plans are required to be submitted via Campus Labs for approval at least two weeks prior to an event, and prior to any publicity for the event. Safety Plans will be reviewed by members from Facilities Management, the COVID-19 Events Pod, DePauw Police, and Information Services.

For planning purposes, please consider the following questions for the Safety Plan:

  • Event Date/Time
  • Event Location
  • Name of Person Responsible for Event
  • Event details, including whether attendees will remain seated throughout, what activities will take place, and any other important information that pertains to the safety of attendees.
  • Anticipated Attendance (Please note that indoor events are limited by the space selected. Attendance at outdoor events may need to be modified based on activities and the number of employees monitoring the event.)
  • Plans for ensuring the safety of attendees, including social distancing and removal of any shared items such as microphones
  • Plans for sharing the event virtually in addition to in-person
  • Catering plans, including contact information for the catering service
  • Plans for registering attendees and tracking actual attendance
  • List of employees who will be working at the event (Please include these employees in any attendance count.)

Attendance Tracking 

Attendance for events should be managed through Campus Labs.

Attendance Tracking for Students, Faculty and Staff: 

  • Option A (preferred): Event attendees can either provide their student/faculty/staff ID number or their name to the event sponsor. During event check-in, the event sponsor can either type attendee names into the search bar on the "Look Up" tab of the Campus Labs Check in App or they can type in ID card numbers into the white bar while using the swipe URL page on the Campus Labs site. 
  • Option B: Event attendees can self-report while at the event. Take the first few minutes of the vent to show attendees how to self check-in using the self-reporting attendance process

These recommendations and requirements will be updated as new information about the virus develops and we monitor and evaluate data. (last updated 4.16.21)