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      The following health and safety recommendations and requirements have been developed in response to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. In the spirit of Tigers Take Care, students, faculty, and staff are expected to follow each policy and be mindful of their role within our community. 

      The University continually monitors news and other information regarding the virus that causes COVID-19, and based upon the latest health data and directives from local, state and national health organizations, DePauw may add or reduce health and safety measures at any time and adapt them to our campus environment, which is unique in how we all learn, live and work together. 

      In line with DePauw University’s core and relational values, while vaccination status is being monitored at the institutional level, individual vaccination status should be respected between colleagues and peers. As a HIPAA protected status, this information will not be used as part of the community standards process for students. 

      DePauw cannot guarantee the following safety measures will prevent COVID-19 from occurring on our campus; however, given our current understanding of transmission of the virus, adherence to these practices can decrease the likelihood of occurrence on campus. 

      Please note: Any additional previous guidelines in place prior to this term and not listed below have been rescinded. 

    1. COVID-19 Vaccine
    2. Personal Assessment
    3. Influenza Vaccination
    4. Community Mask Usage
    5. Physical Distancing Standards
    6. Quarantine and Isolation Guidance
    7. Return to Campus Testing and Transition
    8. Testing
    9. Contact Tracing
    10. Student Isolation Housing
    11. Residence Sleeping Arrangements
    12. Off-Campus Guests on Campus
    13. Intercollegiate Athletics Participation
    14. Office Expectations
    15. Travel Guidance and Restrictions
    16. Student Remote Education Plan
    17. COVID-19 Education
    18. Cleaning and Disinfection
    19. Student Compliance
    20. Employee Compliance