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Dear Students and Employees, 

On Wednesday, December 30, Putnam County, home to DePauw University, moved into a Red status for COVID-19 cases, as referenced on the ISDH website. Because a county must remain at a lower weekly two-metric score for two consecutive weeks to move down to a lower advisory level, Putnam County will remain in Red until at least January 13. 

A great deal of planning and preparation has taken place in order for us to welcome students back to campus in a phased manner beginning this month, and our employees will continue to work both remotely and on campus in ways that keep health and safety a priority. Our COVID teams have spent time reflecting on the Fall term and are confident in our ability to minimize  spread of COVID-19 through masking, physical distancing, and frequent handwashing, accompanied by robust testing, contact tracing, and isolation and quarantine processes.

We were well prepared for this Red status and will not need to make adjustments to our mitigation plans heading into the first two weeks of Winter Term. We ask that you continue the philosophy of Tigers Take Care so that our campus will remain healthy through the start of Winter Term and Spring Term.

Reporting symptoms 

If you have symptoms associated with COVID-19, do not report to class or to work. Students should contact DePauw Health at 765-658-4555 and follow the directions given by DePauw Health staff. Employees with symptoms are required to follow the Covid-19 Sick Call Policy and not report to work on campus.

Reporting positive COVID-19 tests

As a reminder, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 during the holiday break please be sure to notify the University by contacting c19testing@depauw.edu or depauwhealth@hendricks.org.  

Preparing for your return to campus

In the two weeks prior to your campus return, we urge you to practice behaviors that will lower the risk of viral transmission: 

  • limit your interactions to as small a group as possible for this short time, 
  • practice physical distancing by maintaining 6 feet between you and people outside of this trusted circle, 
  • wear a mask when you have to be around others, 
  • stay away from high risk situations like extended contact with individuals outside your home pod/ family unit, 
  • wash or sanitize your hands frequently, 
  • stay away from individuals who have tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.  In situations where contact with an infected person is necessary (as in the case of a child or family member), students should contact c19testing@depauw.edu and employees should contact HR for instructions about quarantining prior to returning to campus. .

Students who have questions about the return to campus testing protocol and flu vaccine reporting can reference the email sent on Dec. 21 from c19testing@depauw.edu. Employees should report their flu vaccination information on the ADP system as noted in messages from Human Resources. 

We hope that you enjoy the last bit of the winter break period and look forward to seeing you again soon. 


Stevie Baker-Watson, chair, COVID-19 Health and Safety

Julia M. Proctor, chair, COVID-19 Task Force