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July 8: Return to campus testing and transition

Dear Students, 

We are so excited to see all of you back on campus in just a few short weeks. Faculty and staff are working hard to prepare for your arrival and our COVID Re-Start Team continues to review our campus operations to return to a vibrant student experience that also keeps the health of our community at the forefront. 

Today we are writing to share important details about return to campus testing and transition protocols that were developed based on CDC guidance. You will note that there is a differentiation between fully vaccinated students and unvaccinated or partially vaccinated students. (Note: The University is following the CDC definition of fully vaccinated, referring to an individual who is two weeks past their final dose of a FDA-EUA or WHO approved COVID-19 vaccine.)

Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated students, regardless where they will travel to campus from, will be required to complete Return to Campus Testing and a 7-day Transition Period.


  • Test #1: 1-3 days prior to arrival.  This can be the same test required by airlines. This test may be PCR or antigen and is at your own expense.

  • Test #2: on arrival to campus (cost is covered by DePauw)

  • Test #3: 3-5 days after arrival to campus (cost is covered by DePauw)


The transition period begins the day after your arrival and ends after 7 calendar days. During this transition period, these students will be expected to:

  • Wear a mask at all times except while sleeping or engaged in heavy exertional activity by themselves.

  • Maintain 6 feet distance from other students and employees at all times.

  • Not ‘dine in’ at Hoover Dining Hall. Meals may be picked up from Hoover and consumed outside (for example, in Stewart Plaza) or in personal residence spaces, maintaining 6 feet of distance from others.

  • Not participate in indoor, in-person group activities. Students may participate in outdoor, in-person activities.

  • Monitor their own health and report a record of their daily symptoms to the University.

Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated students who wish to arrive on a date that allows for completion of their 7-day transition prior to the start of classes must complete this Google form by August 1. The earliest a student can arrive on campus in order to complete their 7-day transition period is August 13.

Fully vaccinated students originating from international locations in the two weeks prior to arriving on campus will not need to serve a transition period, but they will be required to complete testing in accordance with CDC guidelines for vaccinated international travel. 

  • Test #1: 1-3 days prior to arrival.  This can be the same test required by the airlines to travel to the United States. This test is at your own expense.

  • Test #2: 3-5 days after arrival to campus (cost is covered by DePauw)

Fully vaccinated students originating from domestic locations in the two weeks prior to campus arrival do not need to test before or after campus arrival, or serve a transition period.

For more information, see the attached document that describes testing and transition requirements. Also for your reference, below you will find a calendar of approved arrival dates:

Arrival DateStudent GroupContact
8/5/2021 Resident Assistant Nicci Collisi
8/6/2021 Bonner Scholar Program - BIGS Valerie Rudolph
8/9/2021 FYE Peer Mentors JC Lopez
8/13/2021 FYE Mentors JC Lopez
8/13/2021 International Student Ambassadors Beth Haymaker
8/14/2021 Football Brett Dietz
8/15/2021 Bonner Scholar Program - First Year Students Valerie Rudolph
8/16/2021 International Student Orientation (Class of 2025) Beth Haymaker
8/17/2021 Men's Soccer Brad Hauter
8/17/2021 Volleyball Deborah Zellers
8/17/2021 Field Hockey Lauren Thomas
8/18/2021 Cross Country - Men's and Women's Kori Stoffregen
8/18/2021 International Student Orientation (Class of 2024) Beth Haymaker
8/18/2021 WGRE Jeff McCall
8/18/2021 Women's Soccer Cristin Allen
8/21/2021 First Year & New Transfer Students Housing & Residence Life
8/22/2021 Returning Students Housing & Residence Life

As a reminder, students are required to submit their COVID-19 vaccine documentation by August 1. New first-year and transfer students should use the Med+Proctor portal and returning students should use this Google form


The Campus Restart Team