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Please read below for reminders for wrapping up this term on campus and preparing for next term. 


  • All students must complete the Spring Housing Intent form by this Friday, November 6. We are preferencing student living and learning choices in the order they are received. Be sure to complete part 2, “Roommate Groups,” if you are planning to live in University owned housing and want to indicate a mutual group that would like to live with or near each other in a residence hall, in an apartment or in a University owned house. Please note that this does not mean students will share bedrooms in university owned housing. 

  • All resident and commuter students will need to provide proof of an influenza vaccination prior to January 1, 2021. Details on this process will be communicated to resident and commuter students in December. 

  • All resident and commuter students are responsible for showing proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test 7-14 days prior to their arrival on campus. Details on this process will be communicated to resident and commuter students in December. 


  • Students who complete the Spring Housing Intent form by Friday, November 6 will be notified of their approved residency status (resident, commuter or remote) no later than November 20. 

  • Students who intend to live in University owned housing will be notified of their housing assignment on December 7. Students will have until December 14 to sign their Spring Term housing contract to confirm their housing assignment.


We have received a number of requests to provide COVID-19 tests to support the travel plans of our students and employees.  In some instances, the test is required as part of their travel and in other instances they are looking to protect, to some degree, family members they will be living with after their departure from campus.  

Several testing options are available to students and employees:

  • Free testing through Putnam County Hospital.  Students and employees can make an appointment at Putnam County Hospital.  

  • CRLClear saliva PCR test.  $195*.  This at-home saliva test is a molecular based PCR test.  Individuals follow the instructions in the package and ship the specimen via FedEx to the lab.  Results are provided through a web-based portal.  There are a limited number of these tests available. If interested, please sign-up through this Google form. Requests for testing/test pick up should be made 48 hour ahead of time.

  • Helix COVID-19 RT-PCR test.  $125*.  This lower nasal swab test is a RT-PCR test, the same that has been used on DePauw’s campus for random, asymptomatic testing.  Results are provided through a web-based portal. If interested, please sign-up through this Google form. Requests for testing/test pick up should be made 48 hour ahead of time.

    *Costs listed for these tests include no mark-up or profit to DePauw University.

Each individual is responsible for selecting a testing date that is both available to them and provides them with results on their desired timeline.  DePauw University is not responsible for ensuring any test is reported before the anticipated travel date.  We recommend that students and employees complete a test no less than five business days prior to their departure date to account for shipping and/or lab processing time.

For more information, please go to https://www.depauw.edu/coronavirus/resources/covid-19-travel-tests/.


We encourage you to take the following steps in order to plan for leaving campus: 

  • Get an influenza vaccination. These are free at the DePauw Health Wellness Center.  Please call 765-658-4555 to make an appointment.

  • Review regulations regarding travel to your destination. 

  • Minimize your risk in the 14 days leading up to departure so as not to jeopardize your departure date or your family’s health when you arrive home. Reduce close contacts, keep your distance, wear your mask and practice good hand hygiene.

Housing Move-out Process:

For more information regarding the university owned housing move-out process and cleaning checklist, please visit the Housing and Residence Life website

Travel advice: 

  • Reduce your number of stops if possible. If driving, pack food and snacks with you. 

  • Delay your plans if you are sick or exposed to someone who is positive for COVID-19. Students in isolation are advised to stay on campus until cleared for travel.  

  • Wear a face covering and keep your distance from others. 

  • Use disinfecting wipes to clean touchable surfaces on the plane, train or car. 

Once you’re home: 

  • The most cautious approach once you’re home is to quarantine for 14 days after you arrive, especially if there are high-risk individuals in your home or high rates of spread in Greencastle at your time of departure. This includes:

    • Eating meals in a private space or outdoors while distanced, and using separate utensils and serveware. 

    • Using a separate bathroom if possible, or disinfecting after use. 

    • Avoiding physical contact. 

    • Wearing a mask and maintaining distance when around others. 

    • Restricting movement inside and outside of your home. 

  • Reach out for help and guidance from your primary care physician, DePauw Health Wellness Center, mental health clinician or DePauw Counseling Services if you’re feeling sad, anxious, or are having emotional distress. 

  • Consult your primary care physician or the DePauw Health Wellness Center if you develop possible symptoms of COVID-19. 


Many student services will continue to operate including centers, Welch Fitness Center and student-facing offices. Random, asymptomatic COVID-19 testing will continue. More information regarding on-campus services and processes during this time is forthcoming. 

Reminder of the following contacts: