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Dear DePauw Faculty, Staff and Students, 

With thanks to our ongoing planning teams working daily on testing, mitigation and health and safety surrounding COVID-19, we have some updates for your information below: 

Dashboard/Community Notifications Webpage

Since March 2020, we have been hosting and sharing information regarding positive results in our community on a webpage under the main coronavirus page. Beginning a few weeks ago, we began providing daily information on that page, and we are now updating that page to better share our on-campus information in a more visually appealing way. Please note that our historical data can now be found at the bottom of the page. 

Additionally, this page includes steps to take for necessary health and safety precautions, a link to state health information, and the CDC’s COVID-19 website.

Quarantine and Isolation 

When a student is put into isolation, they have either tested positive for COVID-19 or have been considered clinically positive while we await a test. As you read the dashboard, please keep this information in mind, as numbers may be changing frequently. These students are given specific instructions about not leaving their isolation room and who will be reaching out with care.  More information regarding isolation can be found here

Students who have been asked to quarantine themselves should stay in their room and continue to attend classes remotely. Students in quarantine may leave their room, always masked, to pick up food, go to the bathroom or engage in light exercise outdoors. Students in quarantine are asymptomatic and are connected with our contact tracing team on a daily basis. Students who develop signs or symptoms of illness are referred to the DePauw Health Wellness Center for additional care. More information regarding quarantine can be found here

Don’t forget, if you have concerns about facilities or COVID-19 related needs, our submission form remains available to use. Here’s to a great third week of classes! 



Julia Proctor
Associate Dean of Students
COVID-19 Operations Task Force Chair