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Dear DePauw Faculty and Staff, 

As we welcome our students this academic year in these unprecedented times, we again want to thank each of you for your individual and collective efforts in doing your part in following University health and safety protocols as we seek to minimize the risk of this virus to our campus community. This is the ultimate TigersTakeCare moment! 

We invite you to voluntarily enroll in a testing program that will help us to monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 on our campus. This program, which has been discussed and approved by the Faculty Governance and Priorities Committee, the Staff Advisory Council and the Administrative Council will function in addition to physical and behavioral modifications such as de-densification of campus, mask-wearing, and physical distancing to help protect our DePauw community. It is particularly important as the healthcare field has learned that up to 50% of individuals who have the virus also have an absence of symptoms. 

Testing information and results will be managed in a manner that protects the privacy and confidentiality of every employee, as required by HIPAA regulations, and additionally does not single out any group or subgroup within our population. By getting tested, you are doing your part to reduce the risk on campus and helping us to monitor potential spread on campus. 

Your test results will be displayed to you through the private and confidential Affinity system. If you test positive for COVID-19, the DePauw Health Wellness Center will contact you to alert you of your test result, and then refer you to Human Resources for a case interview. DePauw employees meeting the criteria for ‘close contact’ will be contacted by Angie Nally or Bruce Burking in Human Resources and asked to quarantine for 14 days; your identity will remain confidential. State or local health officials will also be provided with your test result and will contact you to help facilitate a similar contact tracing protocol for close contacts you may have had with people outside of DePauw. This latter process mirrors that which occurs with any positive test through local testing sites. Positive results will be included on our dashboard in the total number of cases in our campus community.

Employees can sign up to be added into the employee testing program here. As a reminder, there are also several options for local testing sites in our area, and DePauw Health is still offering symptomatic testing and telehealth for those employees and family members on DePauw’s health plan by calling 765-658-4555. 

Thank you for considering participation in this important program. Should you have any questions regarding the testing process or details, please reach out to Human Resources at hr@depauw.edu.