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Dear DePauw Students, Faculty and Staff, 

Given the current health of our campus, and due to the care of each of you who continue to take appropriate safe actions and maintain the health and safety protocols required by campus, the COVID-19 Operations Task Force, Health and Safety Pod and DePauw Student Government have made recommendations to President White regarding changes to our current on-campus policies. Below please find the details of the approved changes; implementation dates will be shared on the individual pages. 

For personal mental health, we feel it is important to create more spaces for students to engage with each other in a safe manner. This does not mean we believe individuals should be less risk averse in their personal decisions or take the ongoing pandemic lightly. We will continue to monitor spread on campus and make additional recommendations as needed. As a reminder, students can and should engage with each other in appropriate places, such as outdoor spaces or within the common areas of their own residence halls.

PLEASE read the details of each on the accompanying links, as not all information is included in the short bullets below.  

Policies that remain unchanged: 

Policies that will be updated, effective Sept. 21: 

  • At the discretion of house corporations, Greek houses are now able to offer in-person food service for their residents only. Questions about your specific chapter plans should be directed to your House Corporation.

  • Welch Fitness Center, Neal Fieldhouse and the ITTC will open with very limited use by students only, with required reservations

  • Outdoor events and programs in university owned spaces with university approval may have up to 25 individuals in attendance. Indoor event sizes and informal outdoor gatherings should maintain a limit of 10 people or fewer. 

Additionally, athletics will move into stage two of its implementation plan which includes practices beginning on Sept. 20 following the completion of medical and compliance clearances. Athletics teams, student-athletes and coaches will adhere to all campus policies related to masking, physical distancing, group sizing, and events while participating in coach directed practices and related programs.

Also beginning Sept. 21, you will begin to see more student-serving offices open for in-person services. These offices will have their doors open from 12-5pm Monday through Friday. Please click here for a list of offices that will be available for in-person services; more will be added to the list as information is gathered from each department. 

As always, please continue diligence surrounding hand washing, mask usage, physical distancing and monitoring your personal health. Please note that as we continue to monitor spread and how we live and learn together, changes to these policies may be necessary. 

The COVID-19 Operations Task Force