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Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to share information about revisions to the fall 2020 class time banks, which have been designed by the Course and Calendar Oversight Committee, working in consultation with the Fall 2020 Academic Planning Pod.   We also received valuable feedback from Bon Appétit and the Greek Community Board regarding lunch service  in Hoover Hall and in Greek Chapters respectively.  

The goals of the time bank changes are to enhance health and safety for the fall 2020 term through two objectives:

  1.  Reduce hallway congestion between class meetings, by providing staggered course start and release times for certain time banks

  2. Reduce congestion in Hoover Hall by providing staggered lunch periods that students will be assigned to, based on their class schedule.  While the lunch periods have been shortened, students should be able to get food more quickly due to decreased waiting times.

The following tables summarize the adjusted time banks:

Current MWF Time Banks

Revised MWF Time Banks

8–9 am

8–9 am (no change) 


9:10-10:10am or 9:15-10:15am

LUNCH (Hoover Hall):

11:30–12:20 pm

LUNCH (Hoover Hall):

11:30–12:10 pm (if class at 12:25) or

12:50–1:30 pm (if class at 11:40) or

12:10–12:50 pm (other students)

12:30–1:30 pm

11:40–12:40 pm or 12:25–1:25 pm

2:50–3:50 pm

2:20–3:50 pm (no change)

All other time banks unchanged


Current Tu-Th Time Banks

Revised Tu-Th Time Banks

8:20–9:50 am

8:10–9:40 am

10:00–11:30 am       

9:50–11:20 am or 10:00–11:30 am

LUNCH (Hoover Hall):

11:40–12:30 pm

LUNCH (Hoover Hall):

11:40–12:30 pm (if class at 12:40)

1:20–2:10 pm (if class at 11:40)

12:30–1:20 pm (other students)

12:40–2:10 pm

11:40–1:10 pm or 12:40–2:10 pm

2:20–3:50 pm

2:20–3:50 pm (no change)

All other time banks unchanged

A note on laboratory time banks: To provide greater flexibility for laboratory sections, given that some classes may choose to split students into multiple shifts, we will be allowing labs to expand from their current 8:30–11:20 or 12:40–3:30 Tu-Th time banks to use the full 8:10–11:30 or 12:30–3:50 times, as well as the evening 7:00–9:50 times as needed (with the understanding that students would not be assigned to a lab time that overlaps with other commitments).

Departments and Programs that are working on their revised Schedule of Classes this week should proceed to assign classes to the existing time banks.  The Academic Planning Team will then divide classes from each existing time bank into the corresponding revised time banks with the primary goal of maximizing health and safety.  

For example, half of the Tu-Th 10–11:30 am courses will be assigned to meet on Tu-Th from 9:50–11:20 am while the other half will retain their 10–11:30 am meeting time.  These assignments will be made to maximize classroom use, to minimize traffic in each hallway, and to divide individuals among the lunch hour options.  As a secondary goal, to the extent possible, we will try to make it possible for academic departments and programs to hold faculty meetings during one of the open lunch periods.

If we are not able to publish each course’s revised time bank in the SOC we will distribute a supplemental listing.

To reduce crowding, students who eat in Hoover Hall will be assigned specific meal times based on their class schedule.  Greek chapters will have discretion to determine specific eating schedules and procedures for their members based on student class schedules and house needs.

We realize that the revised time banks mean that there will no longer be a common lunch hour for shared programming.  Since most programs will be conducted virtually, we suggest recording programs so that students can view them during their appropriate lunch hour.


Dave Berque, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Brian Howard, Chair, Course and Calendar Oversight Committee