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The Gold Commitment: Pathways


Every student takes a unique path through DePauw. They choose different majors, take different classes, join in different activities, explore different internships and travel to different places. Put simply, every path is a tapestry of experiences that inspire a student for life.

We take pride in giving our students the freedom to explore the full range of their interests. Because, when students find a passion and a way to apply it, they become leaders wherever they end up.



As a first-year student, I took a women's studies course with Professor Tamara Beauboeuf that reshaped how I viewed challenges for women in politics.

After that class, I hit the campaign trail for then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. I interned at the campaign headquarters, went to help with the Iowa primary over Winter Term and spent a semester in Ohio.

With the help of DePauw's Hubbard Center, I changed a Federal Election Commission interpretation of a campaign finance law to allow students to receive grants to work on federal campaigns.



I wanted to work in media when I came to DePauw, so I took advantage of WGRE, the campus radio station. Hosting my own show freed me to explore and be creative while I learned new skills.

Then I took a class with Professor Jeff McCall, who collaborated with me on a radio documentary that won an award from the Associated Press.

After graduating, I won an Emmy as a field producer for WNBC in New York. Now I use my digital media platform, Her Agenda, to help other young professional women get ahead.

Andrew Gold '19


I had great experiences as a member of the soccer team and in my creative writing class with Tom Chiarella during my first year. They had so many stories to share. That's when I realized I wanted to be a storyteller and get to know people on a deeper level.

Because of those experiences, I decided to double-major in psychology and English writing. And to grow as a leader, I became a first-year resident assistant.

Now, as a junior, I'm sports editor at the student newspaper and captain of the soccer team.

A Framework for Leadership

The Gold Commitment takes our commitment to student growth one step further. Now, as students engage in opportunities on and off campus, they'll build a co-curricular Experience Portfolio of their path through DePauw.

The Experience Portfolio is new to DePauw, but based on the same principles we've used to develop leaders for 180 years. It guides students toward on- and off-campus pursuits in three core areas: collaboration and communication, civic and global engagement, and career development. We believe that competency in each of these areas is critical to leadership in any field or profession.

While this breadth of experience is important, we know that depth of experience is just as impactful. As students build their portfolio, we empower them to dive deeper. The portfolio's three levels of increasing depth intensify and ultimately connect their experiences at DePauw:


Exploration experiences help students explore a new area and/or orient students to the offerings of a campus center, department or program while introducing them to opportunities for further engagement.  


The goal of an Engage experience is for students to deepen their understanding of an area by engaging with it in multiple ways and/or on multiple occasions. An engage experience may involve several sessions on a single day or may span multiple days, weeks or months.


The goal of a Connect experience is for students to demonstrate sustained commitment to a curricular and/or co-curricular experience that demonstrates their ability to make connections in multiple ways.

Within this framework, the Experience Portfolio allows students to continue forging their own, unique paths through DePauw — and guarantees that their commitment leads to success.


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