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COVID Dashboard

DePauw University COVID-19 Dashboard

Test results reflect DePauw University administered diagnostic tests by DePauw Health as well as partner Affinity Assure (including randomized DePauw community testing) and others reported to us by employees who have been physically on campus during the fall semester, resident students and commuter students.

March 5, 2021

This dashboard will be updated Monday through Friday at 12:00pm.  

Regional Data - 7 day positivity rate

Indiana 9.1%
Putnam County 13%


County Status YELLOW



On Campus Test Results by Week

WeekPositive StudentsPOSitive employeesNEGATIVETOTAL
Current Week 1 0 155 156
Week of 2/22/21 2 1 409 412
Week of 2/15/21 1 0 622 623
Previous Weeks 41 3 2296 2340


Percent of:

Isolation Beds Remaining On Campus 98.1%
On Campus Students in Quarantine  0.5%



Week: Begins on Monday and ends on Sunday

On campus: Includes students in residence on campus and commuter students, as well as employees who have been on campus within 4 weeks prior to the positive diagnosis. None of the above results include remote students. 

Isolation and quarantine spaces: The number of isolation spaces on campus will remain constant. Quarantine is shown as percent of students rather than spaces due to our general practice of students quarantining in place. 


Every student in residence, attending courses on-campus, or attending other approved on-campus activities must adhere to our return to campus health protocol which includes two negative COVID-19 tests in 7 days (tests included in historical data below), and our on-going health protocol which includes weekly, random asymptomatic testing (results above) and a daily symptom screening. Employees are required to report symptoms or positive test results to DePauw Health via a secure email address. 

Students whose first test result during return to campus testing indicates they tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19 may not come to campus without express permission. These individuals will have specific instructions sent to them by Student Academic Life regarding a delayed move-in or details regarding their commuting plan. These students are still able to begin their courses remotely. 

Any invalid test results received are re-run with new tests. When a student is put into isolation, they have either tested positive for COVID-19 or have been considered clinically positive while we await a test. 

What happens when someone tests positive for COVID-19? 

When an on-campus student tests positive, they enter into the university's isolation protocol on campus, and are engaged in our contact tracing process. When employees, commuters or remote students test positive, they are engaged in our contact tracing process and advised to isolate away from campus for a designated period of time. 

Please Respect Individuals' Privacy

Anonymity for individuals who have tested positive remains paramount. Please respect their privacy — even if you believe you know who they are — so they can focus on their health. As a community, we must do everything we can to support these individuals and one another through this incredibly difficult time.



Return to Campus student testing: Spring 2020 

  • Will be posted upon final results

On Campus Testing Results: Fall 2020


Positive Students 65
Positive Employees 20
Total Positives 85
Negative 2231
Invalid 53
Total Test Results 2369

Return to Campus student testing: Fall 2020 

  • 919 Tests
  • 11 results (Percent Positive - 1.20%)

Community Positives: March - August 2020 

Between our March 2020 depopulation and student return on August 24th, 2020 four (4) on-campus members of the DePauw community (faculty, staff, students) tested positive for COVID-19.  During this time period, an additional twenty (20) off-campus members of the community tested positive for COVID-19.