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Students who are symptomatic and awaiting test results, or confirmed to be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 are required to physically isolate themselves from others as directed by University officials, DePauw Health or local and state health officials.

The University will designate specific living spaces for use by students who have been directed to isolate by the Indiana State Department of Health, Putnam County Department of Health or DePauw Health. The location of isolation will be determined by the Health and Safety Committee. The location will ensure the student will be in a single room with access to a restroom that has been specifically designated for students in isolation. Rooms for students who are in isolation will be provided in a building designated exclusively to that purpose.

Students who are symptomatic or clinically confirmed and awaiting test results will be housed in locations determined by the Health and Safety Committee.

Students living in University housing will be eligible for University isolation housing. Students living in privately owned Fraternities and Sororities will also be eligible for University-owned isolation spaces, as long as their Greek chapter has been following DePauw On-Campus Health Practice Recommendations and Requirements.  Per the Putnam County Health Department and consistent with CDC Guidance, DePauw University students are expected to isolate in spaces determined by the University and the Putnam County Health Department.  

Students placed in isolation housing will be asked to meet certain health requirements before returning to their regular living unit, and attending classes and other campus activities.

A student in isolation housing will be supported by a CARE Team Manager who will ensure the student is connected to University services, like Bon Appetit, Counseling Services, and Center for Spiritual Life, and a Health Manager who will monitor the student’s health under the guidance of DePauw Health. To remain in University housing, students in isolation must follow all directives of the health authorities.  

The experience of isolation may be challenging both psychologically and emotionally. Students in a state of isolation may experience a range of thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Students will have access to wifi in isolation housing and are encouraged to stay connected to friends and family throughout this time with the use of technology.

Students are encouraged to reach out to their CARE Team point of contact to communicate any concerns, difficulties, or support needs as they arise.

These recommendations and requirements will be updated as new information about the virus develops and we monitor and evaluate data. (last updated 7.17.20)