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Each employee is required to maintain at least 6 ft of distance between themselves and others while in the workplace. Those employees, because of position requirements, who must be closer than 6 ft distance within their own private work areas are required to wear masks. 

Within offices, employees should mark a location 6 ft from any desk space for others to occupy. Plexiglass barriers may be erected for those whose desks are located in high traffic areas including lobbies or welcome areas. In some offices, traffic lines or people pathways may be designated. 

In lieu of redesigned conference rooms and staggered seating arrangements, virtual meetings are recommended whenever possible with employees remaining in their individual office spaces. This includes meetings between colleagues, faculty, staff, and students. If meetings must be held in person, spaces should be used that are large enough to provide appropriate 6 ft physical distancing.  

Offices are required to remove items for public distribution from their lobby and other areas unless essential to providing services. Hand sanitizer should be provided in plain view. Other communal objects should be removed from common areas. 

Microwaves and refrigerators may be shared however these should be considered “frequently touched” items and routinely cleaned before and after use. Common items, often condiments, should not be shared and whenever possible, an individual’s food within refrigerators should be clearly distanced from other individual’s food.

Coffee pots remain a source of concern and should be used with disposable cups whenever possible. Coffee pots should be cleaned frequently; when cleaning a coffee pot, individuals should wear gloves and use soap and hot water.  Individuals should wash their hands after removing the gloves.

Ovens and stove-tops should not be used.

It is highly recommended that all plates and utensils be disposable. Any non-disposable items should be immediately washed after use. The CDC discourages sharing of items that are difficult to clean, sanitize, or disinfect and to limit any sharing of food, tools, equipment, or supplies by individuals. We recognize that the use of disposable items is not consistent with the University’s sustainability effort, however in this moment in time, our focus remains on health and safety. 

These recommendations and requirements will be updated as new information about the virus develops and we monitor and evaluate data. (last updated 6.25.20)