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On December 4, the CDC updated its guidance for quarantine to include two options beyond the current 14 day quarantine.  DePauw’s greatest concern in making a change to the quarantine time frame is the potential for spread in a congregate living environment which is why, in consultation with the Putnam County Health Department, DePauw is taking a hybrid approach of testing and waiting until the completion of day 10 for release from quarantine.

DePauw’s updated quarantine guidance took effect 1/1/2021 and through the early part of the term will be piloted and monitored for impact on our campus community. If there is a point at which the approach outlined below is not protecting our campus from the spread of COVID-19, we will revert to applying a full 14-day quarantine to all close contacts of confirmed cases. 

Students and employees who have been in close contact with a person identified as a lab-confirmed or clinically-diagnosed COVID-19 Case will be required to quarantine themselves from others as directed by University officials, DePauw Health or local and state health officials. 

The following protocols will be implemented for any close contact of an individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in order to utilize a 10-day quarantine:

  • An individual must be asymptomatic for the entire 10 day period; the individual is expected to record their symptoms daily.

  • An individual must continue to mask and physically distance from others, and monitor their symptoms until day 14.  

  • On days 11-14 individuals may attend classes or work as long as masking and physical distancing can be maintained at all times, and may not attend other activities that will not allow them to maintain masking and physical distancing from others (i.e. most athletics participation, some work environments).

Employees who are close contacts of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case will have a choice whether or not to test.

  • Recommended: Employees will be directed to make an appointment with PCH as soon as they are placed into quarantine if they choose to utilize the 10-day quarantine option. The test must be completed between days 5 and 8 of the quarantine.

    • Required: Employees who opt to not test will be required to complete the full 14 day quarantine before returning to on campus work

Students will be required to test as close contacts of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case with a PCR test between days 5 and 8.  

  • Students may opt to complete a full 14 day quarantine however they will still be required to test as a close contact of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case.

To remain in University housing, students in quarantine must follow all directives of the health authorities.  

Students in quarantine may leave their living unit to pick up food (grab and go only) at a location to be determined, and to exercise outside, while wearing a mask and physically distanced from others.  

Students placed in quarantine housing will be asked to meet certain health requirements before returning to their regular living unit, and attending classes and other campus activities.

The experience of quarantine may be challenging both psychologically and emotionally.  Students in a state of quarantine may experience a range of thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Students will have access to wifi in quarantine housing and are encouraged to stay connected to friends and family throughout this time with the use of technology.

These recommendations and requirements will be updated as new information about the virus develops and we monitor and evaluate data. (last updated 1.8.21)