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Published Nov 4, 2020 for Fall 2020 Campus Departures. Updated Nov 13. 

We have received a number of requests to provide COVID-19 tests to support the travel plans of our students and employees. In some instances, the test is required as part of their travel and in other instances they are looking to protect, to some degree, family members they will be living with after their departure from campus.  

Several testing options are available to students and employees:

  • Free testing through Putnam County Hospital. Students and employees can make an appointment at Putnam County Hospital.  

  • CRLClear saliva PCR test.  $195*.  This at-home saliva test is a molecular based PCR test. Individuals follow the instructions in the package and ship the specimen via FedEx to the lab. Results are provided through a web-based portal.  There are a limited number of these tests available.

  • Helix COVID-19 RT-PCR test.  $125*. This lower nasal swab test is a RT-PCR test, the same that has been used on DePauw’s campus for random, asymptomatic testing. Results are provided through a web-based portal.

*Costs listed for these tests include no mark-up or profit to DePauw University.

Each individual is responsible for selecting a testing date that is both available to them and provides them with results on their desired timeline. DePauw University is not responsible for ensuring any test is reported before the anticipated travel date. We recommend that students and employees complete a test no less than five business days prior to their departure date to account for shipping and/or lab processing time.

Helix COVID-19 RT-PCR tests are available on Monday, November 16 (9-11am); Tuesday, November 17 (9am-1pm); and Wednesday, November 18 (11am-1pm).  

CRLClear saliva PCR tests are available for pick-up on Monday, November 16 (9-11am) and Tuesday, November 17 (9am-1pm).

If an employee selects a test with an associated cost, they will submit payment via check at the time the test is administered/delivered.

If a student selects a test with an associated cost, their student account will be billed following the test.  

If you would like to reserve a Helix COVID-19 RT-PCR test or a CRLClear saliva PCR test, please sign-up through this Google form. Requests for testing/test pick up should be made 48 hour ahead of time.

Questions on this testing can be directed to Stevie Baker-Watson (steviebaker-watson@depauw.edu).