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COVID-19 Operations Task Force

Original Mission

The COVID-19 Operations Task Force [the C19 Ops Task Force] will be appointed by and report to Cabinet as the University’s lead team to develop and implement operating plans for the 2020-21 academic year in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Julia Sutherlin, in a newly appointed position to steward the Task Force, will chair the C19 Ops Task Force. The work of the C19 Ops Task Force will be grounded in the health and safety of DePauw’s students and employees and will be informed by guidance from national, state and local health officials, sound medical information and best practices in higher education learned through professional resources given the best interests of the students and employees of DePauw. The C19 Ops Task Force will work in a highly collaborative nature, across divisions within the institution, engaging student leaders and connecting with the leaders of the fraternity and sorority housing corporations. DePauw's Faculty Governance system will have input into the faculty committees that will contribute to this work, especially with regard to academic planning.

Fall Term Operations Shift

As we begin the fall term, the COVID-19 Task Force will move into more direct operational mode with members who are focused on “boots on the ground” efforts for the fall term. The responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the pandemic situation locally and nationally 

  • Maintaining data about the virus’ impact on the campus

  • Oversight for the case response protocols

  • Tracking usage of isolation spaces (and quarantine spaces, as needed)

  • Provide ongoing education to the campus community about the virus (symptoms, signs and preventing spread)

  • Ensure that all events continue to meet health and safety guidance

Current Active Pods and Leaders

  • Chair: Julia Sutherlin 
  • Health and Safety: Stevie Baker-Watson
  • Housing Pod: Kevin Hamilton
  • COVID Education Pod: Sharon Crary
  • Student Leader: Julia Proctor (convener) 
  • Events: Steven Linville
  • Facilities Management: Warren Whitesell

New Mitigation and Preparation Pod

Primary responsibilities will include coordinating University mitigation efforts, planning for worst case scenarios, coordinating response to asymptomatic testing results, and keeping a pulse on the high level impacts of COVID-19 on the campus community. Includes members from Health and Safety, President's Office, Student Academic Life, and the Faculty.