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Inclusion Plan and Updates

Information relating to ongoing inclusion efforts across groups on campus.

DePauw University's values are reflected in its 1837 charter, which declared that it was to be an institution "for the benefit of the youth of every class of citizens, and of every denomination, who shall be freely admitted to equal advantages and privileges of education."  In the 21st century, these values of equity and inclusion require ongoing, committed, and disciplined effort. Valuing, respecting and engaging in difference makes DePauw and its students better citizens of the world. As DePauw looks toward the beginning of its third century and reflects upon its campus culture and values by considering who we are and who we want to be, this ambitious engagement must extend beyond the demographic makeup of the campus population. Successful leaders understand the value and contributions of diverse perspectives and practice inclusive excellence.  

We aim to create a campus that encourages examination and dismantling of the historical, systemic and social barriers that inhibit inclusion and to respect and value the contribution of each person’s unique and multifaceted identity to the DePauw community. To reach these goals, DePauw aspires to provide a diverse and inclusive learning and living community that supports critical thinking and encourages all of its members to bring their own identities and life experiences to campus to engage actively, intentionally and respectfully with one another.

Campus Inclusion plan 

Developed under the direction and leadership of the University's Diversity and Equity Committee, the campus inclusion plan for the 2015-2016 academic year was formally endorsed by the University's Board of Trustees in May of 2015.

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