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Reaching our goals means working with all departments, programs and individuals to meet benchmarks for each initiative. The below themes and goals are focused on the first 3-year period since the plan’s inception in 2017.

Culture and Community  

  • Continued implementation of the Inclusion Plan
    • Dec 2017 - Initiative owners have been reminded of annual goals and progress is being monitored 
  • Charge a Commission to study and benchmark our Greek system and provide recommendations on becoming the best Greek system in America
    • Dec 2017 - Commission has met and work groups were appointed and are meeting regularly. A communications plan is being developed for Spring 2018 distribution. Final report due to Dr. McCoy December 2018.  
  • Develop a detailed five-year financial plan
    • Dec 2017 - A five-year financial model has been developed, populated and presented to the Board of Trustees. Further on-campus conversations are occurring in the Spring. 
  • Implement a Strategic Staffing Plan
    • Dec 2017 - The strategic staffing process was completed for 2016-17. 
  • Increase annual giving
    • Dec 2017 - A plan has been created. 
  • Complete construction and implement programming for the Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion
    • Dec 2017 - The CDI was dedicated in November and is currently developing their mission, strategic mission and goals for the future. 
  • Open the campus farm and establish the Center as an open and inviting space that prioritizes healthy living for all students
    • Dec 2017 - The construction of the campus farm is underway with significant program development in process. 
  • Develop an understanding of DePauw’s current financial health among faculty and staff members
    • Dec 2017 - Both open and closed budget meetings are planned for the Spring. First scheduled is a report out from the Board of Trustees on February 14 and 16. 
  • Create and operationalize a strategic initiatives team to improve institutional effectiveness and assessment
    • Dec 2017 - The team has met with many staff responsible for surveys on campus to strategize how to best share and utilize results. The team also developed a calendar for this year and strategized a plan about how to best share results from the recent Campus Climate Survey. 
  • Implement the DePauw Alcohol Collaborative
    • Dec 2017 - The Collaborative is underway with new initiatives. A new alcohol dashboard was developed and is shared weekly with leaders on campus. 
  • Develop and implement the Staff Development Coffee Series
    • Dec 2017 - The Coffee Series was implemented this fall with participants between 45-60 at each event. Series topics are in place for the Spring semester. 


Enrollment and Visibility 

  • Leverage financial aid to improve enrollment and enrollment revenue
    • Dec 2017 - Financial aid director has been hired and a new leveraging firm has been engaged. 
  • Launch media plan including advertising and public relations
    • Dec 2017 -  Billboard and digital advertising campaigns launched in the fall. New commitment site and materials have been developed and distributed. 
  • Follow marketing and communications plan, including segmented marketing
    • Dec 2017 - New website Phase I launched and various marketing pieces have been developed including a new viewbook, music recruitment, and athletic pieces. Office structure for Communications & Marketing has been determined and previous open positions are being filled. 
  • Create and launch new website
    • Dec 2017 - Phase I complete. 
  • Develop and implement an internal communications strategy
    • Dec 2017 - The office received results from internal communications questions asked on the Campus Climate Survey. Results are being analyzed. One full-time person has now been designated for internal communications in the C&M office. 


Engagement & Learning 

  • Develop new student co-curriculum details
    • Dec 2017 - The Student Pathway of the Commitment has been solidified and is being implemented for the entering 2018 class. 
  • Evaluate and reform First Year Seminar to be more effective for students and more manageable for faculty
    • Dec 2017 -  Conversations have been occurring about potential re-structure of the first year seminar program. An open meeting is scheduled for February 22 to gather feedback. 
  • Develop program to retain and graduate high-risk students
    • Dec 2017 - High-risk populations have been identified. 
  • Implement the Inclusive Excellence Fund Raising Campaign
    • Dec 2017 - The campaign has been implemented. Materials have been developed and gift officers were trained on campaign objectives. 
  • Hire and develop all Center Directors
    • Dec 2017 - The hiring of McDermond, Pulliam and Tenzer Centers Directors is in process. 
  • Create the Centers Council, including the development of mission, goals, and alignment of programming and operations
    • Dec 2017 - The Centers Council has established mission, goals and created student-facing descriptions for each center. All Centers offered Winter Term skills based on programming.
  • Improve time banks and the process by which students select classes
    • Dec 2017 -  The Registrar's Office staffing is in place to be able to begin to explore how to best improve time banks and course selection. 
  • Implement new calendar of events system
    • Dec 2017 -  Initial conversations have taken place. 


Distinction & Commitment 

  • Develop a plan to increase the size of the endowment
    • Dec 2017 -  Objectives for gift officers have been established and communicated. 
  • Develop best practices in University-wide advising and mentoring done by faculty and staff to ensure students are participating in practicum activities that enhance their academic experience
    • Dec 2017 -  Open discussions about the Commitment advising have been held. A decision has been made on how to organize advising for the first year of Commitment students. 
  • Consider how to involve departments and programs in the student pathway as a way of re-energizing faculty commitment to student outcomes
    • Dec 2017 -  Ongoing Commitment implementation conversations have been scheduled throughout the Spring to continue to engage faculty and staff. The first topic was on survey date from young alumni and employers of DePauw graduates. The next topic is on the Centers. 
  • Construct a process to effectively track graduates’ first destination
    • Dec 2017 -  A small group developed a plan for how to improve the percent of graduates who complete the first destination survey. 
  • Create the infrastructure for students to document and reflect upon their curriculum and co-curriculum
    • Dec 2017 - After several demonstrations, a decision was made to implement College Labs software. Implementation has begun. 
  • Develop a more intentional collaboration between Development and Alumni Engagement with the Centers, specifically as it relates to alumni visitors to campus
    • Dec 2017 - Offices and departments who regularly host alumni visitors to campus have been identified. 
  • Develop a plan for engaging alumni as internship and employment providers
    • Dec 2017 -  An employer brochure describing opportunities for engaging alumni as internship or Commitment employers has been developed. A new person has been hired to work with employers and she is developing a plan to track alumni who volunteer to host interns or have employment opportunities.