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Interview and Hiring Process

Human Resources will send the supervisor a packet of information regarding the applicant interview process after a position has closed. The guidelines specified in this information should be carefully reviewed before contacting applicants for interviews. There are several forms that must be completed and returned to Human Resources to complete the interview and hiring process. In addition, copies of all applications must be returned to Human Resources after the interview and hiring process is complete.
After an individual has been selected for hire and employment references have been checked and before an offer is extended, Human Resources must be contacted for confirmation of the selection and to obtain the appropriate pay rate for the position.
Supervisors are encouraged to make transfer arrangements for current hourly employees to be effective at the beginning of a biweekly pay period. Transfers are limited to being effective at the beginning of the biweekly pay period when there is a change from non-benefit status to benefit status and visa versa.
New employees should report to Human Resources on the first day worked but must report to Human Resources no later than three (3) days following the first day worked in order for the University to remain in compliance with verification of employment eligibility regulations.