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Recruitment and Hiring Procedures

Recruitment and Hiring Procedures

Effective Date: August, 2011
Contact for Non-Academic Affairs Staff: Office of Human Resources, x 4180
Contact for Academic Affairs Staff: Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs, x6595

These procedures explain the process for requesting, searching, and hiring for full-time or part-time, salaried or hourly staff positions.

Step 1. Download the “Request to Fill a Position” form from the Human Resources website. Complete the entire form following directions below.

Filling a Vacancy:

  • Complete the entire Request to Fill form.
  • The suggested wage must be completed. If you do not know, ask for assistance from HR.
  • Vacating employee information: Provide the vacating employee‟s name and attach a completed Personnel Action Sheet, also available from the Human Resources web site, showing termination of employment and attach a letter of resignation, if applicable.
  • Attach a copy of a current job description (and email an electronic copy to HR), which must include a job summary and specific responsibilities and qualifications.

New Position:

  • Complete the entire Request to Fill form
  • The suggested wage must be completed. If you do not know, ask for assistance from HR.
  • Attach a copy of the proposed job description (and email an electronic copy to HR), which must include a job summary and specific responsibilities and qualifications
  • Attach a memo with a justification for the new position.

Step 2. Sign the form and bring it to your division Vice President

  • The Vice-President will review the request and, if approved, forward the form to the Director of Human Resources who will secure the signature of the Vice-President for Finance for budget authorization, and will take to cabinet for approval.

Step 3. Set Meeting between Office of Human Resources Representative and the hiring manager(s) to review:

  • The search process, including the placement of ads, a reasonable closing date and the handling of applications (i.e., how much assistance does the hiring department need?)
  • Guidelines for bringing candidates to campus (i.e., how many, what expenses will be approved such as travel/lodging for candidates, travel for those interviewing, food/beverage guidelines, who should attend lunch/dinner interviews)
  • Whether the hiring manager or HR representative will make the offer
  • Whether there will be any potential work authorization help necessary

Step 4. Identification of final candidates/campus visit approval

  • Academic Affairs Staff Positions:
    • Search committee chair brings list of candidates and their dossiers desired for on-campus interviews to Jane Griswold in Academic Affairs for the Vice-President‟s approval and for permission to interview.
    • Instructions will be provided on whom, if anyone should be included as the representative from Academic Affairs in the on-campus interviews and on what expenses will be allowed.
    • Instructions will be provided about who will conduct the reference checks and what to ask.
  • All Other Staff Positions:
    • Hiring manager brings list of candidates to their respective Vice Presidents and/or HR for approval and guidance on who will conduct interviews and what expenses will be allowed.

Step 5. Making an offer

  • The person agreed upon in the pre-recruitment phase will make the offer contingent upon a background check (this will be handled by the HR department). The candidate should be made aware that someone in Human Resources will e-mail him/her a form to authorize the background check.
    • Starting date: If at all possible, it should be the first working day of a week in order to facilitate HR orientation.
    • Transfer date for current DePauw employee: Transfers within the university must be made at the beginning of a pay period. Contact the HR Department for guidance on the start date.

Step 6. Acceptance Notification

  • Hiring manager makes offer: Upon acceptance of the offer (always contingent upon successful background check), notify Human Resources of the acceptance. HR will initiate background checking and set the schedule for new employee orientation.
  • HR makes offer: HR will notify hiring manager of acceptance. HR will process the background check and set the schedule for new employee orientation.
  • Appointment Letter: After the offer is made, Human Resources will send an appointment letter to the candidate for his or her signature and forward a copy to the hiring department.
    • Academic Affairs Staff Positions: The Vice President for Academic Affairs determines who will write the appointment letter. If HR writes the letter, a copy will be sent to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

      If the Vice President or his/her designee writes the letter, a copy will be sent to HR.

Step 7. Hiring

  • Complete Personnel Action Sheet: Vice President must approve the Personnel Action Sheet.
  • Send to Office of Human Resources for budget approval and final processing.
  • Schedule Orientation: HR will make arrangements with the new employee for orientation generally on the first day of employment.