Volume 3, Number 2

Spring 2012


Thomas van Dooren and Deborah Rose. Storied-places in a multispecies city [.PDF] [Abstract]

Aaron Moe. Zoopoetics: A Look at Cummings, Merwin, & the Expanding Field of Ecocriticism [.PDF] [Abstract]

Andrea K. Bolla and Alice J. Hovorka. Placing Wild Animals in Botswana: Engaging Geography’s Transspecies Spatial Theory [.PDF] [Abstract]

Antoine Traisnel. Zarathustra’s Philosafari [.PDF] [Abstract]

Fredrik Karlsson. Anthropomorphism and Mechanomorphism [.PDF] [Abstract]


Jakob von Uexküll. A Foray into the World of Animals and Humans, with A Theory of Meaning (Robert Geroux) [.PDF]

Two on Kathy Rudy, Loving Animals. Toward a New Animal Advocacy by Tora Holmberg [.PDF] and Gary Steiner [.PDF]

Erika Cudworth, Social Lives with Other Animals: Tales of Sex, Death and Love (Lynda Birke)  [.PDF]



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