Volume 8, Number 1

Fall 2016


Daniel Allen Solomon. Interpellation and Affect: Activating Political Potentials Across Primate Species at Jakhoo Mandir, Shimla [.PDF] [Abstract]

Magdalena Ożarska. What if Christopher Smart’s Cat Responded? A Human-Animal Studies Perspective on Jubilate Agno’s Cat Jeoffrey [.PDF] [Abstract]

Vladimir Dinets. Spontaneous Development of Hunting-like Behavior in a Juvenile Human: A Case Study [.PDF] [Abstract]

Daisy Domínguez. At the Intersection of Animal and Area Studies: Fostering Latin Americanist and Caribbeanist Animal Studies [.PDF] [Abstract]

Donna J. Perry. The Patterned and Emergent Boundaries of Wilderness Beings: Ponderings on the Creature at the Edge of the Woods [.PDF][Abstract]


Jamie Lorimer, Wildlife in the Anthropocene: Conservation after Nature (Danielle Sands) [.PDF]

James Stewart, Vegetarianism and Animal Ethics in Contemporary Buddhism (Geoffrey Barstow) [.PDF]

Raymond Corbey and Annette Lanjouw, eds. The Politics of Species: Reshaping our Relationships with Other Animals (Joel MacClellan) [.PDF]

Kendra Coulter, Animals, Work and the Promise of Interspecies Solidarity (Lynda Birke) [.PDF]

Dave Aftandilian and Gavin Van Horn, eds. City Creatures: Animal Encounters in the Chicago Wilderness (Katharine Mershon) [.PDF]

Lindsay Hamilton and Nik Taylor, Animals at Work. Identity, politics, and culture in work with animals (Monika Baár) [.PDF]

Bryndis Snaebjornsdottir and Mark Wilson. You must carry me now. The cultural lives of endangered species (Katja Aglert & Tora Holmberg) [.PDF]



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