Volume 10, Number 1

Fall 2018

Special Issue: Breed

Edited by Kristen Guest and Monica Mattfeld

Breed: Introduction [.PDF]

Humanimalia Roundtable on Breed with Margaret Derry, Donna Haraway, Donna Landry, Harriet Ritvo, and Sandra Swart [.PDF]

Richard Nash. A Perfect Nicking Pattern [.PDF] [Abstract]

Michael Worboys. Inventing Dog Breeds: Jack Russell Terriers [.PDF] [Abstract]

Scout Calvert. Ready for the Robot: Bovines in the Integrated Circuit [.PDF] [Abstract]

Jeannette Vaught. A Question of Sex: Cloning, Culture, and Legitimacy Among American Quarter Horses [.PDF] [Abstract]

Karin Bolender. If Not for Her Spots: on the art of un/naming a new ass breed [.PDF] [Abstract]

Other Articles

Erica Von Essen. “We Need to Talk…” Evolving Conversations about Wildlife Ethics in Hunting Media [.PDF] [Abstract]

Paul Hansen. Fuzzy Bounds: Doing Ethnography at the Limits of the Network and Animal Metaphor [.PDF] [Abstract]

Review Articles

John MacNeill Miller. Meat Cultures (Carol J. Adams, Burger; Ted Geier, Meat Markets: The Cultural History of Bloody London) [.PDF]

Stephanie Turner. Artists Unsettling Anthropocentrism (Giovanni Aloi, Speculative Taxidermy: Natural History, Animal Surfaces, and Art in the Anthropocene) [.PDF]


Annie Potts (Ed.), Meat Culture (Carrie P. Freeman) [.PDF]

Anna Tsing, Heather Swanson, Elaine Gan, Nils Bubandt, Eds. Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet: Ghosts and Monsters of the Anthropocene (Nathaniel Otjen) [.PDF]

Julian Yates, Of Sheep, Oranges, and Yeast: A Multispecies Impression (Martin Wallen) [.PDF]

Karoliina Lummaa, Kui trittitii! Finnish Avian Poetics (Ann-Sofie Lönngren) [.PDF]

Human Animal Research Network Editorial Collective, editors. Animals in the Anthropocene: Critical Perspectives on Non-Human Futures (Christopher V. Dolle) [.PDF]



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