Volume 2, Number 1

Fall 2010


Morten Tønnessen. Is a wolf wild as long as it does not know that it is being thoroughly managed? [.PDF]

Greg Pollock. The Cannibal‑Animal Complex in Melville, Marx, and Beyond [.PDF]

David Lulka. To Turn: California’s Proposition 2 and the Ethics of Animal Mobility in Agriculture [.PDF]

Lynn Turner. When Species Kiss: some recent correspondence between animots [.PDF]


Margo DeMello (Ed.), Teaching the Animal: Human‑Animal Studies across the Disciplines (Helena Pedersen) [.PDF]

Stephen Martin, Penguin (Ralph Acampora) [.PDF]

Roberto Esposito. Bios: Biopolitics and Philosophy (Sherryl Vint) [.PDF]

Mark Dugas & Piers Locke. Servants of Ganesh: Inside The Elephant Stable (Nigel Rothfels) [.PDF]

Rane Willerslev. Soul hunters. Hunting, animism, and personhood among the Siberian Yukaghirs (Tora Holmberg) [.PDF]



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