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361° Programs & People

Preparing students to lead in the digital age

361° at DePauw encompasses a comprehensive use of information technology resources and programs that reinforce the University's traditional liberal arts experience by emphasizing critical thinking, problem solving, and learning through experience. 

In March of 2001, the Lilly Endowment awarded DePauw a $20 million Grant of Distinction to establish our 361° programs. "361°" uses the metaphor of "more than full circle" to represent the comprehensive preparation of students for their encounters with and use of information technology in all aspects of their professional and private lives.

361° programs can be found across the University in the following areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Internships and Experiential Learning
  • Enhanced Facilities
  • Partnerships and National Leadership
  • Community Outreach

Information Technology Associates Program

Students in the Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP) work in more than 50 IT internships on-campus, gaining valuable real-world experience while providing technical expertise in over 25 departments.

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Technology-Enhanced Labs & Classrooms

Technology-enhanced learning and teaching spaces are found in every building, in every academic and administrative department, in every residence hall, and throughout the campus.

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Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS)

DePauw links the use of technology with the liberal arts curriculum in order to prepare students for life in the Digital Age. The FITS program assists faculty members in enhancing their teaching and their students learning through the latest technology.

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Internships and Experiential Learning

Under its Opportunity through Collaboration Program, internships are available each year for DePauw students interested in utilizing information technology skills at leading companies and organizations in Indiana.

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Community Outreach

The Community Technology Enhancement Program (CTEP) bridges the "digital divide” in the local communities. CTEP collects computer hardware from DePauw and the Putnam County community, refurbishes the equipment, and distributes it to qualifying local individuals, families, and organizations in need, as well as providing workshops related to computer training and IT equipment recycling.

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K-12 Bridge Program

Under its Opportunity through Collaboration Program, DePauw's K-12 Bridge program provides opportunities for technology and science training and mentoring to teachers and students at secondary schools in Indiana.

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Percy L. Julian Mathematics & Science building

The renovation and expansion of the Percy L. Julian Science and Mathematics Center, the centerpiece for 361°, transformed student work and faculty-student collaboration. Students access university resources and library collections; study and discuss with each other and their instructors; and they build learning communities.

National Outreach & Partnerships

361° includes faculty members, librarians, and IT experts from other campuses, serving as a location for internships, sabbaticals, workshops, conferences, and symposia. DePauw has hosted national workshops and conferences on integrating instructional technology in teaching and learning, and our faculty and staff publish and speak broadly on the innovations and best practices being developed here.