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Digital Video

Digital Video requires planning ahead, including reserving equipment and creating a timeline.


Faculty, staff, and students can checkout cameras from Media Services for their digital video recording needs. (Note: You need to be logged in to Google Apps to access this form.) Allow time in the reservation to recharge the battery for the next person.

Faculty and staff can use the digital video stations at the back of FITS, which include two Macs running Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Please consult with FITS at fits@depauw.edu before beginning a project to ensure the best support possible.

Students can use the Digital Media Lab's Mac DV station, which includes a console to capture video from mini DV tapes for university-related work. Other devices may be connected to this station to transfer video to a user's laptop. Please contact Jin Kim, Multimedia Development and Support Specialist, at jkim@depauw.edu or (765) 658-1093 for assistance.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead when undertaking a digital video project helps ensure its success. We advise everyone to:

  • Create a timeline for the project. When is the final project due? Work backwards from that to ensure that the lengthy time for taping video, selecting clips, and editing video is planned accordingly. FITS can assist with timeline creation.
  • Start early. If the project is due at the end of the semester, start early since semester's end is a popular deadline for many digital video projects, and others will want to reserve equipment and edit video at the same time. Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Make sure to reserve the appropriate mic. If a person will be speaking, a lapel mic is advised. Do not film where wind or background noise will interfere with the main audio of the video.
  • Plan for project space. Digital video takes a lot of file space. We encourage users to buy an external drive to house the original video along with edited clips even if they are editing on personal computers. FITS can assist with an estimation.
  • Decide on the format. What format should the final product be in? This should be considered before filming begins to make sure the video recorded has the necessary quality.


Faculty and staff can contact FITS at fits@depauw.edu for assistance in learning digital video recording and editing.

Last update: 06-Nov-2018