May 19

May 19 7:41AM: Commencement exercises have been moved indoors to the Lilly Center.

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2019 Moodle Upgrade

The new version of Moodle is here, and you can use it now!

During the summer of 2019, DePauw will be upgrading the Moodle server to the latest version, Moodle 3.5. The new version of Moodle will appear familiar in most ways; however, the navigation and user experience is much more friendly for phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

For Gen-Z students who increasingly engage with course content from these devices, they will have an experience more consistent with other mobile-friendly applications.

For instructors, tasks that were once challenging on smaller displays (such as entering values into Moodle’s gradebook) will be much more accessible.

During the Fall 2018 semester, several DePauw faculty members tried out the Moodle 3.5 system with their own courses in a pilot program, to identify any concerns and to ensure that that the system is ready for broader use. The feedback we received regarding the new system has been universally positive.

We now welcome all faculty members to consider the option of using the Moodle 3.5 system ( for your Spring 2019 courses. You may, if you prefer, continue to use the current system ( for Spring 2019. All Spring 2019 courses have been generated on both systems. Your backups of prior courses from the current system may be restored to the Moodle 3.5 system in the usual manner.

Your prior course content will remain available for the usual two year cycle via an archive-server, beginning in Summer 2019. 

If you choose to use Moodle 3 for Spring 2019, your students may find it helpful if you provide a link to your Moodle 3 site on the course’s Moodle 2 site. Click here for FITS’ recommended steps to place this link.

We will keep you apprised of information related to the upgrade through email, the DePauw Helpdesk Blog, and on this webpage.

We are committed to ensuring that this transition will go smoothly for you and your students. If you have any questions or concerns about the Moodle upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact us at