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About the IT HelpDesk

The HelpDesk provides technical support to students, faculty, and staff members in the DePauw campus community.

The IT HelpDesk provides frontline technical support to all members of the DePauw campus community. We do this by:

  • Classifying, resolving, and escalating client requests and issues through a ticket management system.
  • Providing frontline ID card and building access support.
  • Establishing, supporting, and recommending workflows and procedures.
  • Delivering IT training for administrative departments.
  • Collaborating with other Information Services divisions to provide training and support for students and faculty members.
  • Providing accessible IT resources including:
    • IT KnowledgeBase articles.
    • Information Services website.
    • Video tutorials and a variety of other instructional materials.

We believe fluency in information technology is key to the success of all our clients. As we work with students, we guide them through the process of resolving their own issues so they develop the necessary skills to be lifelong consumers of technology. When we interact with staff and faculty, we focus on enabling them with keener IT skills so they become more effective professionally.

We practice a support model of continual improvement. By listening to campus feedback, assessing our interactions, and being involved in our community, we are more agile in the alignment of our services with the ever-changing technology environment and the needs of the campus community.

Last Updated: 24-Jan-2023