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Current Interns

With careful scaffolding and host mentoring, current interns are poised to maximize their ITAP experience.

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  • Students entering their first year of ITAP participate in ITAP Institute, which is a series of orientation activities and workshops that jump start their engagement into the program.
  • ITAP Apprentices participate in four six-week Rotations in their first year of the program. In addition, special workshops and training opportunities are offered throughout the year, and each Apprentice is matched with a faculty or staff advisor who meets with them through the year.
  • ITAP Associates participate in yearlong on-campus internships during which they work closely with faculty and staff members in IT and in other departments across campus.
  • ITAP students obtain their internships in a manner similar to a "real-world" job search, using the ITAP Classifieds, which is a list of hosts and their open positions that has been certified by the ITAP administration. Students then apply directly to internship hosts, who conduct interviews after which hosts make job offers.
  • In addition to their internships, interns participate in the ITAP Colloquia Series, a series of professional presentations focused on the impact of information technology in the context of society, education, and business. 
  • ITAP interns are encouraged to expand on ITAP experience by participating in an off-campus IT-related internship during their DePauw career. 
  • Advanced Associates serve as mentors, trainers, and leaders for the program. They have the chance to work on more advanced projects and begin assuming leadership roles in the program. Outstanding advanced interns may be considered for a Becker Fellows Award.
  • Graduating Senior Associates complete a senior ITAP capstone project that they present to the campus community at the ITAP Senior Showcase during the spring semester.


Apprentices are evaluated by rotation hosts at the end of a six-week rotation, and they meet to review the evaluation forms and to discuss areas of success and areas for improvement. Apprentices also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the rotation experience. Associates are evaluated by associate hosts for mid-semester and semester-end assessments in which areas for improvement are discussed. Resources that current interns may find helpful regarding their performance in the program include the ITAP Handbook and the ITAP Calendar.

Last update: 13-Nov-2018