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On-campus ITAP Internships

ITAP Associates participate in yearlong on-campus IT internships in which they work closely with faculty and staff members all over campus. Through these experiences, students receive training, real-world experiences, and close mentoring in areas of their choice.

Review the 2018 CLASSIFIEDS

Application Process

ITAP apprentices and associates search the Classifieds, apply for positions, and interview with hosts for the next year's on-campus ITAP internships during the weeks immediately following Spring Break.

  1. The call for proposals is emailed early in the Spring Semester. Faculty and staff prospective hosts submit an application for an intern. ITAP staff review applications for hosting potential and contact prospective hosts with questions as needed.
  2. Once internship positions are selected, they are posted in the ITAP Classifieds. ITAP students will obtain their internships in a manner similar to a "real-world" job search. ITAP first-year, sophomore, and junior interns review the classifieds, which are posted the first week following Spring Break, to identify positions for which they wish to apply. To apply for one of the internships listed, an intern submits application materials (e.g., cover letter, résumé, link to student's up-to-date LinkedIn page, etc.) directly to the internship host. The intern may contact several hosts (we recommend 3-4) and interview for multiple positions. Similarly, an internship host may interview and consider as many associates as the host wishes.
  3. Once an internship host has interviewed a candidate to whom the host would like to offer the position, the host informs the intern and Brandy Richmond (brandyrichmond@depauw.edu). An intern who is offered a position should respond either affirmatively or negatively to the host as soon as possible. If an intern needs additional time to consider an internship offer (or offers), the intern should make this request to the host promptly.

Position Acceptance

Once an intern has accepted an offer to fill a position, the intern and the host confirm their final agreement by filling out and signing a Position Acceptance Form. The intern is not considered hired by ITAP until they return the completed form to Brandy Richmond.

Apprentice Preparation

Apprentices will receive training for interviews in an interview workshop, a mock interview, and at an internship fair, which hosts attend. Before or during the interview process, the ITAP administrators will gladly meet with any ITAP intern who would like assistance in the process of searching for and securing an internship.

Internship Placement Timeline

Timeline for ITAP On-Campus Internship Placements for 2018-2019
March 22, 2018 Current hosts contacted about changes to or confirmation of continuing internships; Call for new proposals sent to all faculty and staff members
March 26 - April 6, 2018 Consultations with ITAP administrators to draft proposals
April 9, 2018 All proposals for new / updated / unchanged internships due
April 19, 2018 Classified ads for ITAP positions are posted online
April 20 - May 4, 2018 Interviews and placements
May 7, 2018 Hosts notify all applicants of hiring decisions
May 9, 2018 Position Acceptance Form for internship is signed by host and intern, and must be given to Brandy Richmond in Julian 136 or Nikki Brueggeman at the front reception desk in Julian's Information Services suite


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Last update: 03-Dec-2018