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Internships Off-Campus

ITAP interns are encouraged to expand on their ITAP experience by participating in an off-campus IT-related internship during their DePauw career.

Off-Campus Experience

While off-campus ITAP internships are not a requirement, interns are strongly encouraged to explore their options from the start. These experiences can be part or full-time, paid or unpaid.  Internships can take place during Winter Term, May Term, the summer, or even during a semester in conjunction with an academic component.

These experiences help students to:

• Determine if a career is a good fit, or explore a specific field of interest
• Obtain practical experience to enhance a resume and improve skills
• Supplement theoretical learning with practical applications
• Develop a network of professionals in a student's field of interest

Internship Planning

Off-campus internships often require long-term planning, which will help ITAP students best determine how one or more off-campus internships fit into their academic and career plans.

Students interested in exploring or planning IT-related internship opportunities can find useful information through the Hubbard Center of Student Engagement and should schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director of ITAP, Brandy Richmond, at or (765) 658-4718.