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ITAP Apprentice Rotations

Each first-year ITAP apprentice completes 4 six-week rotations (6 - 8 hours per week) throughout the year to experience different areas of technology. 

These rotations combine one-on-one training in a specific area of technology with opportunities to apply that learning in authentic work projects with their rotation host. 

In the third rotation, ITAP students each engage in an assigned apprenticeship and work with an expert IT supervisor in one of the areas described below. During this rotation, apprentices also participate in interview workshops, undergo mock interviews, and engage in other activities to prepare them for interviewing for their ITAP jobs as associates in the next school year.

In addition to their rotations, apprentices are each matched with an ITAP program advisor who meets with them through the year and offers guidance / assistance to help them follow their path through ITAP.

Rotation Descriptions

  • Digital Audio: Students will be introduced to digital audio basics, including recording live, converting media, using music software applications, embedding audio files into Web pages, and creating podcasts. They will also gain an understanding of how these technologies are currently being used by students, faculty, and staff on DePauw’s campus.
  • Digital Video: Students will receive an introductory "hands-on" experience in the process of digital video design and production.
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems): Students will be introduced to fundamental GIS concepts and will gain valuable experience as they learn the software and hardware necessary to generate and support a geographic information system.
  • Multimedia Design and Development: Students will learn how to create various multimedia materials by engaging in a variety of activities related to digital media development and support. Students will gain valuable experience and expertise in digital production, project management, consulting, and instructional design.
  • Training Methods: Students will learn how to design, develop, and teach technical training sessions. Students will also gain valuable skills for working with clients and people in general while learning new technology tools.
  • Web Authoring - Design and Development: Students will learn how to design and author a website from start to finish, including identifying the purpose of the site, planning, and organizing its content, and using Dreamweaver to develop and publish a site on the Web.

Last update: 13-Nov-2018