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ITAP Seniors 2012

Vincent Aguirre
Computer Science
HelpDesk Student Director 
Lois Aryee
Social Media/Internet Communications Developer
Joseph Barana
Computer Science & Psychology
ITAP Student Rotation Host
Jenna Buehler
English Writing
New Media Reporter
Tanmoy Das
Biology & Biochemistry
ITAP Student Director
Josh Fantus
Biology & Biochemistry
Wellness Center Web Author
Kaitrin Higbee
Special Projects Team
Project Consultant
Ha Hoang
Mathematics & Economics
Printing Services Intern
ShanKara Johnson
Computer Science & Japanese
Digital Video Student Producer
Bok Eum Kang
Science Animator
Tiamo Katsonga-Phiri
HelpDesk Intern
Eilene Ladson
Psychology & Asian Studies
Media and User Services Intern
Tianjiao Liu
Computer Science & History
Network Research Intern 
Gabriel Lopez
Music, Anthropology, & Spanish
Music Library Digitization Intern
Nasheed Moiz
Computer Science
Advanced Programmer/ Web 
Experiment Developer
Duc Pham
Webmaster for The DePauw
Matthew Polky
Computer Science
HelpDesk Intern
Ian Rumpp
Multimedia Web Specialist
Amanda Russ
Mathematics, Anthropology & Education
I.L.S. Student Director
Kristopher Schmelzer
Studio Art & Communications
Website and Layout Designer
Aishwarya Subbaraman
Economics & Political Science
ITAP Student Director 
Xinyi Wang
Biochemistry, Communications,
Organizational Management, Biology, & Psychology
Digital Imaging and Video Specialist
Meixue Xu
Art History & Economics
ITAP Student Director  
Chao Zhu
Economics & Asian Studies
Alumni Relations Intern