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ITAP Seniors 2015

We are proud of the ITAP seniors and their accomplishments. They are ready to take on the world!

Lauren Arnold
Communication, Studio Art and Women’s Studies
Leann Burke
English Writing, Religious Studies and Spanish
Tyler Bussian
Zoe Copeland
Computer Science and Film Studies
Kevin Courtade
Computer Science
Marjorie Daily
Political Science and Religious Studies
Ngoc Dao
Economics and Computer Science
Laura Drew
English Writing
Lily Farnsworth
Benjamin Harsha
Computer Science and Mathematics
Kunkyong Lee
English Writing and Psychology
Shudi Li
Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science
Taoxi Li
Computer Science and Psychology
Erin Minnick
Thuy Nguyen
English Writing, Studio Art and Art History
Hien Nguyen
Erin O'Brien
Jacob Rust
Kelsey Stein
Abigail Thompson
Psychology, Rhetoric and Interpersonal Communications
Rene Varela Saladrigas
Computer Science and Economics

Cognate Wang
Computer Science
Michael Weber
Computer Science and Psychology
Hengshuo Zhang
Computer Science and Mathematics