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University Records

The following are records which are commonly found in DePauw University offices. Each record type is described and the office of record noted. The office of record is that office or department from which a particular record originated. The office of record is responsible for transfer of the records to the Archives after their active status has expired. Other offices which may hold copies of the record may keep them for reference and discard them when no longer needed. For a complete and detailed records retention schedule for your office or department, please contact the Archives at the address or phone number below.


Keep as Current Record
Send to Archives
GEN.001 Budget Files Including invoices, purchase orders, account accruals and other routine departmental budget files [Accounting is the office of record] A No A
GEN.002 Maintenance Work Orders Requests for all physical plant staff work [Physical Plant is the office of record] A No A
GEN.003 Meeting Minutes Information copies of meeting minutes NOT created by your department A No A
GEN.004 DPU Publications Including DePauw Magazine; DPU Catalog; faculty, staff and student directories; newsletters and brochures for schools, departments and academic programs, etc. [Publications is the office of record] A No A
GEN.005 Press Releases DePauw releases to the media [Public Relations is the office of record] A No A
GEN.006 Personal Calendars Daily appointment and meeting schedules [selected calendars of senior staff are retained in the Archives] A Yes P* (* in some cases -- check with Archives)
GEN.007 Personnel Files Departmental personnel files [Personnel (for staff) and Provost's Office (for faculty) are the offices of record] A No A
GEN.008 Phone Logs Phone call message books A No A
GEN.009 Professional Journals Serial publications of professional organizations [Contact Roy O. West Library for possible transfer] A No A
GEN.010 Timecards and Timesheets [Accounting (for regular staff) and Financial Aid (for work-study student staff) are the offices of record] A No A
GEN.011 Travel Expenses Including itineraries, reservations, confirmations, ticket copies, invoices, etc. [Accounting is the offices of record] A No A
GEN.012 Supply and Vendor Catalogs   A No A
GEN.013 Directories Board of Trustees and Visitors members lists; faculty committees members lists [President's Office is the office of record] A No A

A = Active (project or activity is ongoing)                      P = Permanent

* Departmental retention and disposal schedules take precedence over the General Retention Schedule