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Cite an Archives Resource

Archives and Manuscripts

Refer to The Chicago Manual of Style Online 16th Edition for information on proper citation of resources at the DePauw University Archives. Scroll down until you see "Unpublished and Informally Published Material," and below that, you will see the heading "Manuscript Collections." Below that are all the links with explanations and examples.

Generally, give the author, or a description of the material and date or at least year of the collection. If no date is known, use n.d. Follow this with the type of material, MS for a manuscript (a work written by hand) and TS for typescript. Last, include the name of the archives, city and state. Here is an example:

Edwards, Elijah Evans. "Diary of E. E. Edwards, Chaplain of the 7th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry from 4 July 1864 to 15 Dec. 1864, Vol. 1st. Elijah Evan Edwards Papers, Class of 1853." MS. Archives of DePauw University and Indiana United Methodism, Greencastle, Ind.

Finding Aids

To cite a finding aid (inventory) to a collection at the DePauw University Archives, use the following style: Title in quotation marks, date of finding aid when available, indication that the item is a finding aid, name of the archives, city, state and Reference URL, if found on-line. See example below.

"Elijah Evan Edwards Papers, Class of 1853," 10/29/2009. Finding aid at the Archives of DePauw University and Indiana United Methodism, Greencastle, Ind.

Other Online Resources

To cite an online resource such as a photograph, first give the artist's name (if known), then name of the image followed by the year created, location of artwork, name of website, medium of publication consulted and the date accessed. You may include the Reference URL if the image is from the DePauw Digital Library. 

Ralph Taylor, Roachdale High School Activities, 1967. DePauw University Archives. DePauw Digital Library, photograph. 3/11/2015.