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Invitation to submit your experiences to the Archives.

During this time of upheaval in our nation and around the world, people are reacting to the stresses and change resulting from the Coronavirus in many different ways. We invite you to share your experiences and observations with us at the DePauw University Archives.

What should I save and send?

  • Whatever you are thinking, experiencing or observing about the pandemic. Really anything is of interest because it will provide a personal look that is often missing from documentation of historical events.
  • Photographs and videos are of interest, too, so keep those in mind if you are wishing to send something to the Archives.

How do I do that?

  • As you write to friends and family consider occasionally saving samples of them to send to the Archives to document your time and as a representative of the DePauw experience more broadly.
  • Any written format is OK, but it may be easiest to save as Word or PDF files and email them to
  • You may also consider sharing writings as Google docs with the Archives.
  • Photographs in standard formats of jpeg or tiff are best.
  • Videos as MP4 files and audio as MP3 files.

What will the Archives do with my submissions?

  • The Archives will follow its usual practice and catalog the materials under the name of their creator – the writer, photographer or recorder.
  • The Archives has extensive files on alumni that graduates and their families have sent in over the years.
  • Numerous faculty and staff files of biographical information have also been donated to the Archives.

A note about privacy.

  • Since this is a health emergency, there may be personal medical information that finds its way into your observations. Please be sensitive to the privacy of others and not give other’s names without their written consent. Medical information is covered by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • All donors will be asked to indicate their willingness to have their materials become part of the COVID-19 documentation at DePauw.


  • You may contact the Archives anytime at with further questions about this project.
  • Thank you for considering being a part of the historical record for DePauw University.