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New Acquisitions

Edgar Monroe McKown, 1896-1973 

Edgar McKown

The Pastor's Official Vest-Pocket Assistant of Edgar M. McKown. Rev. McKown was born March 10, 1896 near Greenville, Indiana and died June 20, 1973 at the Franklin United Methodist Home. He attended college at DePauw University for one year and then Evansville College (now the University of Evansville). He was professor of Bible and philosophy at Evansville College from 1936 to 1969 and dean of the College from 1941 until 1962. From 1962 until 1966, he served as director of religious life. For many years McKown was chair of the United Methodist South Indiana Conference Board of Ministerial Training and Qualifications. He was a founder of the Weekday Religious Education Program of Evansville. [M017.003]


Center Methodist Church, Vermillion County

Center Methodist Vermillion County

The Epworth League Secretary's Book of minutes, July 19, 1900 - July 7, 1907. Center Methodist Church was established in 1853 and closed in 1968.

Clayton Harris Memorial United Methodist Church, Tobinsport

Clayton Harris United Methodist Church

The Years in Review, 2012-2013. The first organized Methodist church in the Tobinsport area was Polks Bottom in 1856. In the early years they met in a log church and by 1876 a new church home was completed and dedicated as Turners Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church. The Turners Chapel building was torn down in 1933 and money given by Clayton Harris helped fund the new church building. Clayton Harris Memorial Methodist was dedicated February 4, 1934. [M017.004] 

Phi Eta Sigma plaque

Phi Eta Sigma plaque

Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Scholastic Award Plaque, 1937-1942. This award was presented each semester to the group of freshmen men with the highest scholastic attainment. (Beta Theta Pi, First Semester 1937-38; Men's Hall, Second Semester 1937-38; Men's Hall, First Semester 1938-39; Men's Hall, Second Semester 1938-30; Delta Chi, First Semester 1939-40; Delta Chi, Second Semester 1939-40; Delta Chi, First Semester 1940-41; Delta Chi, Second Semester 1940-41; Men's Hall, First Semester 1941-42; Men's Hall, Second Semester 1941-42) [D017.033]

Charles Beard, class of 1898 and Mary Ritter Beard, class of 1897

Mary and Charles Beard

Manuscripts of Charles and Mary Beard including correspondence, pictures, a tintype portrait of Charles as a young boy, items related to their 1920s visit to Japan and a 1912 expense ledger for Charles. Historian Charles A. Beard was born November 27, 1874 in Knightstown, Indiana. He graduated from DePauw in 1898, where he also received his master's degree in 1903. Charles Beard was the author of some thirty books on American history. His wife,
Mary, collaborated on several history books with her husband, but, she also wrote fifteen books on her own. She was an ardent spokeswoman for women's rights. In 1936, she proposed a World Center for Women Archives. [D017.042]

HOOT Magazine

SprinHoot magazineg 1953 issue of the Hoot magazine, a DePauw University student humor magazine, containing stories, jokes and cartoons, published from 1952 to 1957. [D017.065]