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There are a number of ways we can work with you and your students, whether they’re learning remotely or on campus.

  • Class sessions that focus on research processes and issues, such as selecting a topic, evaluating resources, and locating information sources.
  • Class sessions that focus on specific information needs, such as particular databases and content areas.
  • Consultations with you to help craft or revise assignments that utilize the resources held by the Libraries. 
  • Creating LibGuides to help locate resources in a variety of formats.

We want to find the best way that we can work with you, and your particular class, to help your students become information literate. In our desire to reach this goal, we remain open to other ideas.  We would be happy to meet with you online to discuss options for your class.

The best time for a library instruction session is when you can realistically expect your students to begin work on their projects or papers.  This may be when they are identifying their topics, often a difficult challenge for them, or when they are beginning to locate useful sources.

If you would like to schedule instruction, please contact Tiffany Hebb