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Off-Campus Access

Login procedure for DePauw Community

  • When you access any licensed DePauw content (databases, e-journals, etc.) from the library website when off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your Network/Moodle username or DePauw email address and password
  • Enter your login and you will be authenticated as long as your web browser is open

Off campus login screen

  • When accessing some resources you may see a different login screen.  Use your full DePauw email address: and your Network/Moodle password.

Open Athens login prompt

Open Athens login prompt password


Having problems accessing a link from off-campus?

  • Is your link configured correctly?
    • Make sure this prefix is added to the front of your URL: OR
  • When would you need to do this?
    • If you e-mail yourself a citation and want to access it when you are off-campus
    • If you want to create a link to a journal or database and you are on campus when you create the link - the link will have to be edited for it to work off-campus

Didn't Work?