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Preparing Coursepacks

The Library will help you prepare a coursepack to be printed by DePauw’s Printing Services. All coursepacks are reviewed for copyright compliance and are then sold to students through the University bookstore. To complete a coursepack via the DePauw Libraries, please contact Tina Oetken ( with the following information:

      • Name
      • Course name and number
      • Estimated enrollment for course
      • Full citations for the list of readings to be included in the coursepack

The Libraries will request copyright permissions; this can be a long process, depending on the publisher of the original material. If copyright permissions are not received, the reading cannot be included in your coursepack(the item may be placed on e-reserve, instead). Once the Libraries finish the copyright permissions process, you are able to take the coursepack to DePauw Printing Services.

You may also prepare a coursepack yourself through XanEdu, a commercial service which obtains the copyright permissions as part of its services. These are then sold through the University Bookstore. For more information, you can contact XanEdu through the University Bookstore (765-653-0618) or XanEdu Customer Service at 1-800-218-5971 ext. 6553.

If you have any questions about providing legal access to copyrighted materials for your students, please contact Kayla Birt Flegal ( Access Services Librarian, or Rick Provine (, Dean of Libraries.

We will be happy to work with you to ensure that students have cost effective and convenient access to your course materials.