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Putting Items on Reserve

How do I put something on reserve?

Items can be placed on reserve by:

  • Entering your Moodle course and clicking the Library Course Reserves block
  • Selecting Place on Reserve from the Find it! menu.
  • Visiting one of the DePauw Libraries’ circulation desks and using a paper form.
  • Navigating directly to Reserves.

What kinds of materials can I put on reserve?

  • Anything you’d like! Library owned books, personal copies of books, software, and audiovisual material are common reserve items.
  • Some faculty also place old tests and student papers on reserve.
  • Articles and book chapters are also commonly placed on reserve—just remember to use only a small portion and let us know if it is a repeat use so we can obtain permission from the copyright owner. Tell me about copyright and reserves.

What if the Library doesn’t own the item I want to place on reserve?

  • If you’re using our online form, just select Please purchase this item and make it available to my students through course reserves and we’ll place an order for you. Once the item arrives and is available, we’ll notify you.

How long will it be before my reserves are ready?

  • During the first three weeks of the semester allow 72 hours, after that we generally have a 24 hour turnaround time.

Where do students go to download e-reserves or see a list of print items on reserve?

  • Students access reserves through the Library Course Reserves link in Moodle.

How long can students check out check-out reserve items?

  • Traditionally, books have circulated for 2 hours and videos for 6 hours. Reserves have also usually been restricted to in-library use. However, on our new reserve form we give you the option to select the loan period and restrictions you prefer.

Do reserve items have overdue fines?

  • Yes. All reserves have a $1 per hour fine.
  • If the item is on reserve for a class you’re teaching though, let us know and we’ll check it out to you for as long as you need it.
  • If it on reserve for another faculty member though, the rules still apply.

What can I do to speed processing of my reserves list?

  • Use our online system to submit requests.
  • Check early to see if items on your list need to be purchased.
  • Allow time for recalls. Materials needed for reserves may be checked out to other patrons.
  • Remember that ILL books cannot be placed on reserve.

Do I need to seek copyright permission for my reserves?

Questions about Reserves?

Questions about copyright?