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Student musicians from the DePauw School of Music perform University Service (in support of University-wide events and University Development and Alumni Engagement), Community Engagement (service to area schools, hospitals, and social services), and Commercial Requests (“Gigs”). This page is for Commercial Requests.  University requests should be sent to the Dean of the School of Music.

Commercial Requests (such as weddings, parties, background music, and other private events) require compensation of student musicians and can be made through the form below. A School of Music student employee will respond to the requestor when the request is received and will keep the requestor updated on the status of fulfilling the request. The DePauw School of Music does not guarantee the availability of student musicians for Commercial Requests.


What is the suggested payment for student performers?

Payment will vary depending on the instrumentation, length of performance time, and type of request. As a general guideline, consider budgeting $30-$60 per performer per hour, depending on the size of the group. Students may set their own rates.

When are student musicians available?

Student schedules vary during the academic year. Students are typically not available during the month of January, during Fall and Spring breaks, and during the summer.

Who pays for the transportation of student musicians and instruments?

Student will build transportation costs into their fee.

What types of music are available?

Our student musicians are trained classically. You may request classical music, jazz, or musical theatre. Options will vary based on performer and instrumentation.

How long does it take for performers to set up?

This will vary based on the group. Some groups will require a piano at the venue, which will take longer to set up.

To request musicians, please complete the form below.  A DePauw School of Music representative will reply shortly.

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