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The School of Music’s annual Holiday gala is a seasonal celebration featuring music from many of our ensembles, faculty, and students! The festive music, elaborate decorations, and cozy atmosphere make for a memorable experience for the whole family! Join us at the top of the charts as we showcase this year’s theme: Top 40 Holidays!


Holiday Gala at the Movies

This past year's theme was "Holiday Gala at the Movies!" The performance included songs from "Elf," "Christmas Inn," and "Home Alone." Pictured here is Vox Animae, our treble vocal ensemble, performing "Making Christmas" from The Nightmare before Christmas!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Theatre Profs. Caroline & Tim Good performed a hilarious version of "'Twas the Night before Christmas" as part of last year's gala! The Holiday Gala is an all-hands-on deck performance that includes collaboration with various departments as well as student-led performances!

Hot Chocolate

The Holiday gala always provides fun for everyone! In 2021, Haley Burgh '22 (left) and Emma Merkamp '23 (right) choreographed and performed a tap dance to "Hot Chocolate" from The Polar Express as part of the pre-show entertainment!