Volunteering Gave Molly Heitzman '10 "A Competitive Advantage"

Volunteering Gave Molly Heitzman '10 "A Competitive Advantage"

January 7, 2012

"While her friends interned at big investment-banking firms, Molly Heitzman chose a summer job in 2009 with Fundación Paraguaya, a microfinance company in Asuncion, Paraguay," begins a story in the Wall Street Journal. "She believed that giving the poor access to basic banking services was an effective way to fight poverty, and she'd also gain some global work experience."

Dennis Nishi writes, "The nonprofit was experiencing an abnormally high 13% loan default rate so Ms. Heitzman went out to investigate the problem. She discovered that many small businesses had defaulted because of poor to nonexistent accounting practices."

"I proposed a program that would school borrowers in the business basics of marketing, accounting and saving money," says Heitzman, who graduated cum laude in 2010 from DePauw University, where she double majored in Spanish and political science and was a civic intern.

wall street journal logoIn an article examining how "volunteering for nonprofit work ... can fill an experience gap and provide a competitive advantage," the Journal notes, "Ms. Heitzman's efforts actually made a stronger impression on Deloitte Consulting in Minneapolis, which hired her for a full-time job as a business analyst a year later in 2010."

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Source: Wall Street Journal