Two DePauw Students Interning in NYC Tell Paper of Day of Horror

Two DePauw Students Interning in NYC Tell Paper of Day of Horror

September 12, 2001

September 13, 2001, Greencastle, Ind. - Today's edition of the Pantagraph, a newspaper in central Illinois, contains an article about DePauw University students Jennifer Barsema and Sarah Haberer, who are both interning in New York City and have stories to tell in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

Jennifer Barsema is interning with the New York City Opera, and worked part-time in a retail store which was on the first floor of the Trade Center. Yesterday, fortunately, was not a work day, so she was not in the area. Still, like all people in New York,and across America for that matter, Barsema is stunned by what happened. "It's very surreal to believe I'm 30, 40 blocks away from it," she told the newspaper in an interview from her Manhattan dormitory. "Right now, my biggest concern is this isn't the end of it."

Sarah Haberer is interning ectower duskwith the Public Broadcasting Service, and spent part of the morning on the roof of the building, some 50 blocks from the Trade Center, and witnessed the collapse of the second tower. "It was so surreal. It fell straight down like an elevator shaft," Haberer told the Pantagraph. The DePauw student walked back to her dormitory in tears, feeling shell shocked. "Maybe I need to wake up tomorrow morning to realize the full effect of what happened today. It's over my head."

The story in the Pantagraph can be viewed online in its entirety by clicking here.